Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tales From Under The Bed

While Sam spent last week at his dad's house, I tackled his room. My goal this year is to get him into an organized routine, because he suffers from ADD (inattentive, without hyperactivity) and staying organized will help him tremendously.

His little brother has been fascinated by Sam's room since he started walking seven months ago. He had all kinds of things growing, breathing, living in that room.

I decided to start under the bed, which stands over a foot off the floor.

The first couple of feet were fine, I slid and hurled clothes, shoes and garbage out from under.

Then I tummy crawled underneath. Only my below the knees were exposed, and I continued to toss piddly junk like pink beanie babies that his great grandmother from his Dad's side insist he have - WHEN HE WAS 10!!

Then, something Big, brown and hairy hopped down my shirt. I was so started, I wacked my noggin on the 2x4 attached to the bottom of the bedframe. While I checked my head for bleeding (I was sure I felt that tingly blood running down face feeling) I discovered a piece of paper. It had "Sam" written in girly girl writing with a heart outside his name.

So, being the sneaky mom, I wondered if I should open and take a look. "No One is here, I am all by myself" I was thinking just as a cold clammy hand grabbed my ankle.

So I wacked my noggin again, on the same 2x4 in the same place, for which I still had not determined the extent of the first injury.

It was Tony home for lunch, and I had Evanescence blaring on the stereo, I didn't hear him sneak in.

After we had lunch at Hunan's, I went back to my project. It took me 3 days to clean that room, closet, drawers and all.

Among the things I found:

A shopping bag full of Easter Candy and empty wrappers.... under the pillow. Sam said he had been looking all over for it.

More love notes. Lots more. Typical puppy love stuff, "wanna go out with me?" kinda stuff even though they are years from driving!!

Dead AA batteries everywhere.

I had no idea he owned 5 CD players!

Tony's missing underpants....... alrighty then!!

A Chik Fil A Sandwich, still in original foil, located inside his desk drawer. Hard as a rock and had the face of Virgin Mary on it. Well, not really, but it was hard as a rock, and I guess he thought he would save it for later??


Something happened to my weather station, the first storm that came through. We initially thought it was lightning, and so a new part was sent. The part howsomever has not solved the problem. So my new pal Brett at Davis Instruments are going to take the next step when he calls me back.

As soon as I get up and running, I will start the page and go from there.

More later, in the coming days!


Michael said...

Hey Stephanie did you ever find out what went down your back? LOL 5 CD players? man he did have a lot of stuff under there. Did the food turn green?? LOL can't wait till you have your weather page up and running.

Stephanie's Place said...

I don't know what it was... a spider? a camel cricket? either way, I hate bugs!! All in all I filled up 4 moving Uhaul boxes, and 3 lawn sized garbage bags!!!