Monday, July 03, 2006

City Slickers Go To The Farm

We had fun at my sister's farm just outside of Carthage MS.

I think I have gained 10 pounds. It shows. Tony said he could tell I ate a lot.

Because country farmer people are used to cooking on a massive scale, it is easy to overdo.

There were about 16 people there for my niece's party. Mostly my brother in law's family, who is a very lively, fun loving bunch.

We hung out outside most of the day. It is as dry in MS as it is here in Alabaster, AL. Elijah and Sarah played well, most of the time. When one of them did something the other didn't like, it turned into an inaudible screaming match between the two.

Sam, well, I hardly saw him. He was off in one pasture or the other or in the woods on the four wheelers with my nephew Aaron and his two cousins, Emily and Jennifer.

There were 76 acres of land we were on. It was so big and so peaceful. I regretted having to come home. I could live there, and never ever be bored.

Sarah had a great 2nd birthday. She got all kinds of stuff, mostly pink girly girl stuff. She likes to sing and dance, and is the prissiest thing you would ever meet.

We took Elijah to the barn to see the chickens. He didn't much like the way they smelled. But he was fascinated by the horses. Crazy Horse, who really is crazy was just as intrigued by Elijah as he was him. He stayed in the pasture across the street. Every time he saw Elijah, he would whine and come running to the fence, full speed ahead. He was really excited. But he was crazy and wild. We could never take Elijah near him.

We did put him on Daisy, a pretty grey and white horse that belongs to my brother in law. He didn't know what to think. He does want a horse though.

Sam, the last twenty minutes we were there had an accident on his four wheeler. He hit a bump while making a turn, and it slung him off the ATV like a rag doll. He has a 4 inch nasty gash on his knee that probably should have been stitched up, but we butterflied it shut. He was lucky. I am not crazy about him being on the 4 wheelers, but he is twelve, ad he needs to go and be a boy.

All in all it was a great time. I got to know some really wonderful people, and made new friends. I was really sad to leave.

Posting pictures - then got to go feed Elijah and do the shopping for groceries.

More later!!


Southeast Weather... said...

Hey Steph I know all about farm cooking. I used to live in Wichita, KS and hav lots of family in Medicine Lodge, which is 80 miles southwest of Wichita. Every time we went to visit we always had a good, LARGE amount of food to eat. But somehow I keep the weight off. lol

Stephanie's Place said...

Kenny, when I was your age I was so skinny my family (who is all well rounded!) thought I was anorexic. I learned that when you get older, that anorexic look goes away. LOL