Monday, July 10, 2006

Changing Trends

It is about to be a different life again. A little more fun. I have purchased my weather station and it is on the way here from South Carolina. I cannot wait to get it up and running!

Tony and me went to Swamp John's in Alabaster. It is a new Catfish resturaunt that opened up a few weeks ago. I was thoroughly un-impressed. A friend told me it was like going into a dressed up Captain D's. I don't think they ate there, and that was probably a good thing too. They have nothing to choose from, just fried fish or fried shrimp. I hate anything that is fried. My french fries were cold, not even cooked all the way. The food is served in a cafeteria style buffet, you go and place your order and they place the cold fried food on a styro plate. People are friendly enough, but I give that place 6 months at the most.

Full Moon BBQ for dinner that night. I walked in to pick up our carry out, and the place smelled like heaven! Tony got a thing of ribs, and Elijah and me had bbq chicken sandwiches and coleslaw. Thumbs up!!

All this eating over the weekend has led Tony and I to have a discussion. About me. And my fat. He told me to make a lot of money on Ebay, we need that money to get me a brand new body. Sooooo... that little remark has cost him dearly. I signed up at a local gym for ladies, a luxury gym, with machines that have little fans on them, an indoor running track, massage therapy and a tanning bed. Oh and there is a sauna and steam room, a cafe with wireless internet and CHILDCARE!! Wooo!!
My personal trainer started me off today, lightly. She said in 6 weeks I will have a new body. And it will be a tanned one at that. So HA Tony! Eat your words NOW!!! In just 6 weeks, I will be going skinny dipping, while you my fat little friend will be going chunky dunkin!! And I cannot WAIT!!

Boys are gone till tommorrow. Going to go play some. More later!!


Southeast Weather... said...


I wish you luck with the gym!

Anonymous said...

why would u even go to a catfish place if you dont even like fried food. what were you expecting to be there? barbeque?? last time i checked that had a few extra calories too. anyways, i hope you and tony can get you a new body. but please do not go skinny dippin.