Thursday, June 29, 2006

When The Cat Is Away, The Mice Will Play!

Tony is in Atlanta today, but he will be home tonight.

I did not do diddly squat yesterday as far as chores and such. Sam played on the computer and I played with Elijah.

Well, I did some other things. I took a package of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry to the post office, for shipping to South Africa.

I have never shipped anything to South Africa, nor have I ever seen a country with so many restrictions on what can be shipped from the USA.

Jewelry was one of them, apparently. No clue as to why, but as long as it is registered, it is ok to ship.

Upon returning from USPS, the Invisible Fence guy was at my neighbor Amy's house to repair the fence that had been struck by lightning a while back. She had told him to come and see me for any problems or questions.

Turns out, when he went to repair the electric box, he inadvertenly got into a hornet's nest and was stung a number of times on his arms and back. That poor guy then came over for some benedryl. He said he was allergic to bee stings, and was already swelling up.

So I medicated him, and checked him over for any loose stingers. (yes, he took his shirt off, and YES he was HOT!!)

After I felt he was ok to go ( I was concerned he would go into anaphylaxis and wanted be sure there were no symptoms of that) I grabbed a can of wasp spray (kind that shoots 25 feet) and gave it to him. I had already called Amy to tell her what had happened, and I needed to know where I could get the dog's electronic collar) He bravely went to the nest and sprayed, while I rifeled thru Amy's kitchen drawers for the collar.

After which the Hot Invisible Fence guy was going to test the collar to be sure the fence was working again. No need for that. I crossed the invisible line while holding the collar, and nearly electrocuted myself. I still can't feel my pinky finger!

So it was a fun afternoon. I watched Skeleton Key last night. Then dreamed I was Rachel on Friends and Chandler was hexed by some bad Voo Doo Curse.

Tommorrow we leave for Missisippi. Tony isn't going. Just me Dad and the boys. Sothat will be a few more days of fun.

More next week, I will post pictures of my family and exteneded family from the trip!

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