Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Upward Trends?

Finally - some relief!!

I can ship again, and without having to take from VERY limited personal cash funds. Paypal account is still frozen. Solid. But the replacement card is here, and my ebay customers will be happy. I did send a email out, explaining what had happened and that shipping had been sidelined for a few days. When all is said and done, I will be closing our Paypal account and opening a merchant account with Visa/MC thru our bank Their response time is quicker for the customer (us) and they can go about their investigations without further disabling the customer (us). I know when our bank had a breach of security a few months ago, we knew nothing of it until we got a new card accompanying a letter explaining why and to destroy our old card. That is customer service there folks. To serve and protect the customer without further disabling them.

I do not ever want to go thru this again.

Amanda came over yesterday to work on the pool. I had warned her that DH had tried to take the motor apart and was unsuccessful. She too argued with that thing for over an hour trying to get the housing off the replace the part. I have to hand it to her, she lasted longer than Tony did, who about took a bat to it. She has repaired pool motors before as part of her job and admitted she has never had a problem getting inside one like this. So I have called in an onsite person who will hopefully be here this week, and we will go from there. After the motor is fixed, Amanda will be back to help finish the cleaning, which requires the motor..... Gonna do something real nice for her when all is said and done. Perhaps a gift cert for a local scuba dive shop?

Elijah has discovered the pool. He pointed to it yesterday and said "Baf?" (ie: Bath) Gotta get that door alarm on the sliding door that goes to the backyard. He can reach the lock on the handle now, and this alarm is a lock that goes up at the top of the door. If ANYONE tampers with the door without disarming the lock (this goes for Sam too!) it lets out a piercing alarm. Sam will not be able to reach the lock with out a chair. But we have had a longstanding rule since we moved into the house, and was a condition of buying the house.... Sam is not to go out into the back yard PERIOD without an adult. He is 12 now and an excellent swimmer, but the rule still stands. We won't allow anyone to drown in our pool. I will also be installing a pool alarm - it lets out a screeching alarm (like a car) when anything 15lbs or over falls into the pool. The whole neighborhood will hear it. Either way, the pool will be running by the weekend.... can Monday be the day we can swim in it?? Please???

Sam went to Six Flags yesterday. He had a ball! I have a pic of him, his dad and my former sister in law on Goliath. Sam was the only one hanging on tight! But at least he had his eyes open. He came home all sunburned tired but happy.
I am glad he finally got to go to his aunt's house in Atlanta. They had to get away from the tensions surrounding their parent's remarriage, that neither of them wanted to happen.
I say going to Six Flags was an excellent way to forget their stress for a while!

Tony is going back to Mobile again tommorrow. And he is leaving my car, that he usually takes because his truck is too small for him and his coworker. They are taking the Coworker's car this time.



Southeast Weather... said...

"Elijah has discovered the pool. He pointed to it yesterday and said "Baf?"
Thats funny but yet not funny :) :(

Hope you get your money paid back to you in full!

Stephanie's Place said...

Not yet Kenny... still waiting on our money.

Sounds like you do understand the dangers small "invinceable" children face!!

Southeast Weather... said...

yes I do!