Friday, June 16, 2006

TGIF!! It is Party Time!!

Lots to do today! Hitting the yard sales in a few minutes.... THEN when it gets good and hot, I will be hitting the now crystal clear, newly repaired pool..... to clean the hard to reach crevices and the large pile of leaves that my vertically challenged self cannot reach even with a 14 foot pole.

But I am getting in and that is what counts!!

Then.... we are having yet another block party across the street at my dad's house. At least they won't be trashing mine this time. It is fun when it is at someone elses house.

Unfortunately when the party was announced, Tony's mom (not stepmom) was there. So to be polite she was invited too. She is notorious for fixing an over abundance of food.... in my kitchen with my dishes and leaving the mess for ME to clean up. But not today. I will call her at work, and tell her NOT to worry about anything, I have more than plenty, and that the kitchen is off limits.

On Memorial day we had some 20 something people here. It was a bring your own meat and a dish to share event. She brought her own meat for US to marinate, in our dishes, and made a giant mess in kitchen. She was also the first to leave, and it took me over an hour to clean her mess up.

I am the type of person who cleans as I go. I make my dishes the day before, to make things easier. But whenever she is around, it just makes it harder.

So I will call her and let her know that will not happen this time, or any other time.

Nicely of course!!



Southeast Weather... said...

Hey Steph! Sorry I have neglected your site for a while w/ no comments. I will pick a time and read all of them.
Been trying to get that Google Talk thing to work the past two days.

Stephanie's Place said...

That's ok... I have been neglecting my own site, and everyone elses while trying to get all of the issur=es straightened out here at home :)