Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Slowing Down!

Today is going to much less hectic.

I got 99.9% accomplished yesterday. I did not finish wrapping dishes in bubble wrap, which resulted in us not going to the UPS store to ship. I will finish this mission today.

Elijah's visit at the doc went well. The doc was concerned about his severe reaction to his breakfast on Father's Day at the Golden Corral tho. Elijah ate some eggs, which is a no no for sure now, and his face broke out in hives, his tounge swelled up within just a few minutes of consumption. Fortunately a dose of Benadryl had him back to normal in 30 minutes!

He has had plain eggs before. But these eggs may have had milk in them. Also, the bacon he ate may have been fried in peanut oil. So, no more eating out for him. We can still go, but we have to stay with "safe food" for him....( a hamburger patty and fries from McDonald'e is still considered safe)

Soooo, what should have been a quick visit at the doc's office turned into a very educational one. I was trained on what to do in case of an Anaphylactic emergency.
Basically, they taught me how to give him an ephinephrine injection using an "Epi Pen". seems simple enough, if he is having a reaction where there is swelling of the face (hence the possibilty of swelling of the throat) give him the shot, give him benadryl and call 911.

Sooooo he goes back for his third allergy testing in September. I think I will call Dr. L the allergist and bump the date up. We need to know NOW what else is making him sick.
Mother's Day Out is definately out of the question. He just has too many limitations on what he can eat.

More Later....

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