Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reflections Of The Past Week

It has been a few days since I last posted. Tony went out of town, and the crowd (us) went wild!!
It was a nice break.

Went to see former coworker friends. My friend Kathy is back in BHAM working, and is looking for a place to live. She currently lives in Anniston, and the drive is killing her.

It was really great to see Kathy, Charlotte and Robbi. But they warned me that when I get ready to go back to work, not to go back there. I wasn't planning on it. I was miserable before I left. The company had started going in a direction against my beliefs. Now, it has gone to pits.
When I go back to work, I plan on getting in with Children's Hospital in Birmingham. It is a goal I am confident I will achieve. I also plan on going to nursing school. I love helping people feel better, and I especially love children. It will be a move that will make my MIL proud, she has wanted for years for me to come and be a nurse with her!!

Discovered some prescription painkillers disappeared this week. I know who took them and he will be caught redhanded. I have a surefire plan that will work. I was taking those for a broken tailbone injury sustained when Elijah was born. The thief that took them has taken from me before. He will no longer welcome to my home after I put my plan into action. He had a drug problem about 15 years ago when we got out of school. The fact that he asked me what my herbal Horsetail supplement was for (pain) tells me he was in my meds. I might even plug up a hidden cam so I can capture the look on his face. I will be sad to lose the friendship I have had with this person who was my best friend since we were kids. But, friends do not steal from friends.

Shame Shame.

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Southeast Weather... said...

I am glad that you had a good time when you went "wild" lol
I wish you luck on becoming a nurse.
Sorry to hear about your friends drug problem.