Thursday, June 15, 2006

Paypal Woes But The Pool Is Fixed Finally

Bad news first. Paypal has frozen our account once again.

They decided to do a chargeback on an item we bought and and recieved. Without our consent. So not only can we not ship, again, but our customers cannot pay for the items they bought from us.

We are still in dispute over the money that has still not been credited to the account. I hate Paypal. DH seriously lost his cool last night with them. He pretty much told them how sloppy they were. Their response was that everything is "automated". I guess all of those customers service reps you actually talk to are there to handle customer complaints such as ours. For more paypal horror stories check out this link. I have been doing my homework with these yahoos.

On happier notes -

After wrangling for a few weeks to get someone out here to fix the pump, only to not have them show up- I called Ken Messamore - owner and operator of Spa Tech pools. DH informed me he was the guy who put in our liner and sandfilter two years ago. Ken came right out the next morning and installed a new superpump that is so quiet, you have to check to see if it is turned on. So I will have a pool to swim in by Saturday. This morning I went to backwash and the water was so dirty in the filter, it was BROWN. EEEEewww! Spa Tech Pools in Birmingham are highly recommended!

Taking the boys to Peach Park in Clanton after I vaccum the pool. There has not been much fun time at all this summer with me working from home. Peach park has the best goodies!! Of course this will not help me when I go swimsuit shopping later......

Yesterday Elijah had his first big pool experience! We went to Grandma Offet's house two doors down to play with Zachary (Gack Gack) who was in the pool. So Elijah just plops right in. He had a blast!! He howled all the way home like a activated tornado siren. So when I changed him, his diaper was so full of water and his behind looked so big, I started chanting the Rap hit "Baby Got Back". He looked so funny with a big ole butt!

Speaking of which.. I think I hear a "tornado siren"............ Time to start the day!

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