Monday, June 05, 2006

PayPal Sucks

Just got off of the phone with PayPal for the 5th time. I cannot believe I am still trying to get our.... OUR money after early a week later after someone made an unauthorized charge of 1000 pounds ( nearly 2 thousand US dollars. )

The credit card company that we had to cancel didn't give us this much hassle. They canceled our card right away and re-issued another one.

Hubby called last night for the first time. Since the account actually is in his name (they apparently do not do joint accounts) HE is actually the one who is supposed to call, thanks to secretive bad apples in the world who created this whole privacy act thing, that even spouses cannot obtain info, only give info. In the old days, the husbands worked, the wives stayed home and cared for the kids, kept the house, did the shopping and paid all of the bills, which were usually, solely in the husband's name.

We have had to sign an affidavit and mail it off to them, and now they want a copy of our credit card statement?????!!!!!!!

So I called again to clarify that this was not a spoof email. It is totally unfair that they are still holding OUR money hostage when someone broke into THEIR system because THEY failed to keep it all secure.

When my sister had her wallet stolen years ago, she was up and running again in a few days.

Paypal says they want to be sure that it is really us whose account it belongs to. It does not help that hubby refuses to call and puts me in the middle. He is being as uncooperative in this as they are, and I am in the middle.

I do not mind helping. He is very busy at work and cannot always get away to call.
Paypal does not want to talk to me. I can just ask general questions, which I have been fortunate enough to be able to word in a way that pertains to our case.

Fox 6 on your side, ladies and gent, I may be calling you for help!


Mike said...

Stephanie...I know it's a hassle, but I guess it's better safe than sorry with those folks. What they don't always think about is that most of us just can't go without a few thousand dollars that long! Good luck and God bless! Mike

Stephanie's Place said...

Thanks! It is frustrating. Wish we could just go to a local Paypal facility, fork over our picture id's and say "here we are! This is us, and where we live, now can we please have our money back??"
I expect we will be getting a note asking for our DNA samples soon LOL!!!

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