Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just Stuff

Yesterday, after I finished with Ebay stuff, we went to see Granny, who is in town visiting my aunt.

She has lost so much weight from when she was sick with colon cancer. She is almost skinny! Now that she is "cured" she looks fantastic, has so much energy! It was great seeing her. I hope that when Tony goes to Mobile next week, we can come too and stay with her in Orange Beach!

Elijah started running a fever last night. I hope it isn't his ears - he has been in the water a lot and is prone to infections. If he still has a fever this afternoon, he is going back to Dr. P.

I have to list 10 items on ebay again today, I don't want to. I am so tired. But I know I have a nice break ahead, so I guess I gotta!

Got an Eagles song, Take it Easy going thru my head. I own several Eagles albums. Sam and his friend Tyler crack me up. They are really getting into the good stuff. Sam asked my dad if he had ever heard of Motley Crue. Poor man has heard more than he wanted to when I was in high school. I WORSHIPPED Tommy Lee the drummer, who Sam gets confused with Tommy Lee Jones. HUGE DIFFERENCE there! HA HA HA!!! And Tyler came into the kitchen the other night when I was prepping dinner, and asked me if I knew who the Black Crowes were. I told him that I was older than he thought, and used to like them when I was in school. I think it is really great they are listening to what Gen x'ers parents thought was horrible stuff. What is out there NOW is pretty bad! Think I will try my luck with Sam today, and bring out my Eagles CD. And some Queensryche. Now THATS an intelligent heavy metal band!!

Tony gave me some disturbing news..... the company he started working for 3 months ago has been sold. No one seems to know to whom, and MSG ain't telling. Apparently this was going on prior to his employment. So far no jobs have been lost, and Tony is as busy as ever, if not more. I can tell he is worried but he said his job there is secure and isn't going anywhere. I hope he is right.

Better go start on the Ebay stuff. Perhaps it won't take too terribly long!! I can't wait till Friday- too bad we cannot leave on Thurday night! Tony whined this morning, "but you won't see me for five whole days!!"

I just smiled.

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