Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another Saturday.....

Tony has gone off to yard sale again. He does it so much better than I . Last week he got me a sofa table for the foyer, only $15!! It looks really nice in there. I cannot believe he paid so little for it. Most of our home decor accessories come from yard sales or thrift stores. DH is so talented. He can take $50 and come back with everything you need for a new room!!

Step MIL is coming over later on. She sounds depressed. I hope she is ok! Working on a plan to cheer her up, she is one of my dearest girly friends!

Pool part finally came but Amanda has not called me back. Anyone out there good with motors feel free to volunteer. I have to get the pump running.

Paperwork in motion for getting our $$ back that was stolen early Tues morning. One snafu has come along, but hopefully DH can straighten this out. It hurts to think right now!

Sam's paternal grandparents, who had a nasty divorce a couple of years ago have decided to get remarried to each other. The grandmother (aka "crazy nut lady" ) tried to take the poor grandfather for everything he had which wasn't much..... poor man I do think he must be losing his mind!

Just talked to buddies Delvin and Kathy via AIM. I used to work with them at CompUSA a few years back, we went thru hell together, cried on each others shoulders and we all quit together when the crap finally hit the fan- and we still try to keep in touch. We are FAMILY!! Kathy is moving back to Bham, and I am going to try and find her someplace close to me so we can do "girl stuff" LOL!!
It is always great to hear from old friends!!

Found a SCORPION half alive in the dryer last night. With my Clothes. Already dried. Amazing it lived thru it. I hate bugs and anyone who knows me knows I TOTALLY FREAK when I see one. I managed to get the scorpion out without getting stung (used to cohabitating with them now) and showed it to DH. "My Thats a BIG ONE" he says. Like I caught a prize fish!


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"Sam's paternal grandparents, who had a nasty divorce a couple of years ago have decided to get remarried to each other." Congrats to them!!

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