Thursday, June 29, 2006

When The Cat Is Away, The Mice Will Play!

Tony is in Atlanta today, but he will be home tonight.

I did not do diddly squat yesterday as far as chores and such. Sam played on the computer and I played with Elijah.

Well, I did some other things. I took a package of Swarovski Crystal Jewelry to the post office, for shipping to South Africa.

I have never shipped anything to South Africa, nor have I ever seen a country with so many restrictions on what can be shipped from the USA.

Jewelry was one of them, apparently. No clue as to why, but as long as it is registered, it is ok to ship.

Upon returning from USPS, the Invisible Fence guy was at my neighbor Amy's house to repair the fence that had been struck by lightning a while back. She had told him to come and see me for any problems or questions.

Turns out, when he went to repair the electric box, he inadvertenly got into a hornet's nest and was stung a number of times on his arms and back. That poor guy then came over for some benedryl. He said he was allergic to bee stings, and was already swelling up.

So I medicated him, and checked him over for any loose stingers. (yes, he took his shirt off, and YES he was HOT!!)

After I felt he was ok to go ( I was concerned he would go into anaphylaxis and wanted be sure there were no symptoms of that) I grabbed a can of wasp spray (kind that shoots 25 feet) and gave it to him. I had already called Amy to tell her what had happened, and I needed to know where I could get the dog's electronic collar) He bravely went to the nest and sprayed, while I rifeled thru Amy's kitchen drawers for the collar.

After which the Hot Invisible Fence guy was going to test the collar to be sure the fence was working again. No need for that. I crossed the invisible line while holding the collar, and nearly electrocuted myself. I still can't feel my pinky finger!

So it was a fun afternoon. I watched Skeleton Key last night. Then dreamed I was Rachel on Friends and Chandler was hexed by some bad Voo Doo Curse.

Tommorrow we leave for Missisippi. Tony isn't going. Just me Dad and the boys. Sothat will be a few more days of fun.

More next week, I will post pictures of my family and exteneded family from the trip!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just Stuff

Yesterday, after I finished with Ebay stuff, we went to see Granny, who is in town visiting my aunt.

She has lost so much weight from when she was sick with colon cancer. She is almost skinny! Now that she is "cured" she looks fantastic, has so much energy! It was great seeing her. I hope that when Tony goes to Mobile next week, we can come too and stay with her in Orange Beach!

Elijah started running a fever last night. I hope it isn't his ears - he has been in the water a lot and is prone to infections. If he still has a fever this afternoon, he is going back to Dr. P.

I have to list 10 items on ebay again today, I don't want to. I am so tired. But I know I have a nice break ahead, so I guess I gotta!

Got an Eagles song, Take it Easy going thru my head. I own several Eagles albums. Sam and his friend Tyler crack me up. They are really getting into the good stuff. Sam asked my dad if he had ever heard of Motley Crue. Poor man has heard more than he wanted to when I was in high school. I WORSHIPPED Tommy Lee the drummer, who Sam gets confused with Tommy Lee Jones. HUGE DIFFERENCE there! HA HA HA!!! And Tyler came into the kitchen the other night when I was prepping dinner, and asked me if I knew who the Black Crowes were. I told him that I was older than he thought, and used to like them when I was in school. I think it is really great they are listening to what Gen x'ers parents thought was horrible stuff. What is out there NOW is pretty bad! Think I will try my luck with Sam today, and bring out my Eagles CD. And some Queensryche. Now THATS an intelligent heavy metal band!!

Tony gave me some disturbing news..... the company he started working for 3 months ago has been sold. No one seems to know to whom, and MSG ain't telling. Apparently this was going on prior to his employment. So far no jobs have been lost, and Tony is as busy as ever, if not more. I can tell he is worried but he said his job there is secure and isn't going anywhere. I hope he is right.

Better go start on the Ebay stuff. Perhaps it won't take too terribly long!! I can't wait till Friday- too bad we cannot leave on Thurday night! Tony whined this morning, "but you won't see me for five whole days!!"

I just smiled.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Another Crazy Monday!

I cannot wait till Friday!!

We are going to Carthage MS to see my 2 year old niece. She is having a big ol' party on Saturday. I have never seen my sister's house out there. So this is going to be fun.

We will leave Friday morning. DH is NOT invited.... (currently not on my good list - so the time apart will be fun! )

So he goes out of town on Wednesday and comes back in on Thursday nite.

will have 5 days of peace. No Ebay. No cleaning up his mess in the kitchen and picking his dirty undies off the bathroom floor.

No "will you................(fill in the blank with typical request)???

No computer. I doubt my phone works out there.

Just peace.

My sister lives in the sticks. Literally. The closest facility around them is in Philedelphia, and those are the casinos.

Nothing but farm land. Elijah will get to pet a horse and probably a cow and chicken or two. Sam will ride the 4 wheelers thru the never ending woods with my nephew Aaron and his two cousins.

I have just about packed. I am so excited!!!! YAY!!

But first, gotta do the chores.


Friday, June 23, 2006

Thunder Rolls

Thunder Storm going around us in Central Alabaster. We so desperatley need the rain, however we didn't recieve the tiniest drop!!

And The Shots Kick In

Elijah's MMR immunization kicked in yesterday morning around 12:30 AM.

I had only been asleep since 10 pm Wed night, and he woke up cry and screaming and running a temp.

He always, ALWAYS reacts that way. Without fail.

So up we all were (poor Tony and Sam.... who can sleep with all that screaming!!) I can turn him off, being deaf, but the others were were clearly climbing the walls.

So we walked the floors, Elijah and I. We rocked (my poor tailbone!!) and we sang "Itsy Bitsy Spider" which did nothing but make him cry harder.

Finally his meds kicked in (Motrin) and we passed out on the sofa at 4 am. Tony had the gall to wake me up at 6 to ask me to iron a shirt for him..... where I told him he could shove that iron up his butt sideways.

Hope today is much better. I took him to his grandmothers house yesterday and he spent the night.

Got to ship for Ebay stuff. More later!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Slowing Down!

Today is going to much less hectic.

I got 99.9% accomplished yesterday. I did not finish wrapping dishes in bubble wrap, which resulted in us not going to the UPS store to ship. I will finish this mission today.

Elijah's visit at the doc went well. The doc was concerned about his severe reaction to his breakfast on Father's Day at the Golden Corral tho. Elijah ate some eggs, which is a no no for sure now, and his face broke out in hives, his tounge swelled up within just a few minutes of consumption. Fortunately a dose of Benadryl had him back to normal in 30 minutes!

He has had plain eggs before. But these eggs may have had milk in them. Also, the bacon he ate may have been fried in peanut oil. So, no more eating out for him. We can still go, but we have to stay with "safe food" for him....( a hamburger patty and fries from McDonald'e is still considered safe)

Soooo, what should have been a quick visit at the doc's office turned into a very educational one. I was trained on what to do in case of an Anaphylactic emergency.
Basically, they taught me how to give him an ephinephrine injection using an "Epi Pen". seems simple enough, if he is having a reaction where there is swelling of the face (hence the possibilty of swelling of the throat) give him the shot, give him benadryl and call 911.

Sooooo he goes back for his third allergy testing in September. I think I will call Dr. L the allergist and bump the date up. We need to know NOW what else is making him sick.
Mother's Day Out is definately out of the question. He just has too many limitations on what he can eat.

More Later....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Goal Today: Walk and Chew Gum At the Same Time!

Today is gonna be a wild one.....
Listing AT LEAST 10 items on Ebay today. That should cover me for 2 days. Pics already shot and edited.
Wrap a 28 piece lot of dishes in bubble wrap.
Take to UPS for shipping, along with the jewelry going to Canada.
Straighten the house, make the bed and start some white laundry
Vac the pool
Then.. shower change and get ready
Elijah goes to get his shots at 4:15,
but NOT before.....
I have to run Sam by his dad's... he forgot his CD's
his money, I am taking him to get season 7 of the Friend's DVD's
he will be a HUGE help today and he deserves it.
Why all this??
Elijah does NOT do well with his shots. He will cry for 3 days solid after getting immunized.
Say your prayers....Stay tuned!!
oh yeh, gotta put the whites in the dryer or they will stink.... LOL

Monday, June 19, 2006

Elijah in the Pool

Here are some pics of Elijah in the pool...

Take it Easy..........

Take it easy, take it easy
Don’t let the sound of your own wheels
Drive you crazy
Lighten up while you still can
Don’t even try to understand
Just find a place to make your stand
And take it easy

-"Take it Easy" - The Eagles

At least that is the way it was this weekend....... starting on Friday night.

We did minimal chores on Saturday, then went to another cookout at my Father and Step mom in laws house, we they grilled steak, pork chops and shrimp. YUM!! I made a tossed salad and brought a watermelon. Tony had a few too many beers so we had a lot of fun poking fun at him - he never does that.

Then yesterday, Tony got a wild hair to cookout at our house. My dad, his dad, Linda, and my uncle came to this one. We grilled out freshly cought Tuna from Orange Beach, shrimp Kabobs and burgers. There wasn't any swimming though, I was too busy trying to clean up after Tony, who like his Mom uses every pot, pan plate and utensil and does not clean up as he goes.

The Kitchen was so trashed. Took me FOREVER to clean it. But it was Father's day and that was what DH wanted and since he is truly a wonderful husband and dad that was what he got.
Fortunately, I had his stepmother, my favorite mother in law, there to help with the cleanup while the guys chatted in the back yard.

Elijah likes to swim in the pool. But his swimsuit that has built in floats inside it is a little big and instead of keeping him upright, it flops him face forward in the water. So I blew up his baby boat and he seems to like it ok. He got his first swim lesson, and he kicked and paddled like a natural.
Teaching him to swim should not be hard at all!!

Got to go say bye to my uncle who is going home to Mobile today!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well, Cook Me Blistered!!

I finished the pool yesterday, two days ahead ofthe goal I had set for it to be done.

Sometimes, being "goal driven" can get you into some big time trouble. Because I have not worn a swimsuit in 2 years, my shoulders and back have not had much exposure to the sun. In just 1 1/2 hours, I got BLISTERED. And it hurts.

So much for enjoying the pool today. Maybe tonight when the sun goes down. grrrrr...

But we got in yesterday! then I went out and bought the boys floats.

Great cookout last night, altho no one wanted to sit next to me. I was a living outdoor heater with this sunburn. Fortunately Tony's mother only brought sodas to the party. So my kitchen never got trashed.

Going out Father's Day shopping tonight. That oughta be fun!

more later......

Friday, June 16, 2006

TGIF!! It is Party Time!!

Lots to do today! Hitting the yard sales in a few minutes.... THEN when it gets good and hot, I will be hitting the now crystal clear, newly repaired pool..... to clean the hard to reach crevices and the large pile of leaves that my vertically challenged self cannot reach even with a 14 foot pole.

But I am getting in and that is what counts!!

Then.... we are having yet another block party across the street at my dad's house. At least they won't be trashing mine this time. It is fun when it is at someone elses house.

Unfortunately when the party was announced, Tony's mom (not stepmom) was there. So to be polite she was invited too. She is notorious for fixing an over abundance of food.... in my kitchen with my dishes and leaving the mess for ME to clean up. But not today. I will call her at work, and tell her NOT to worry about anything, I have more than plenty, and that the kitchen is off limits.

On Memorial day we had some 20 something people here. It was a bring your own meat and a dish to share event. She brought her own meat for US to marinate, in our dishes, and made a giant mess in kitchen. She was also the first to leave, and it took me over an hour to clean her mess up.

I am the type of person who cleans as I go. I make my dishes the day before, to make things easier. But whenever she is around, it just makes it harder.

So I will call her and let her know that will not happen this time, or any other time.

Nicely of course!!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Paypal Woes But The Pool Is Fixed Finally

Bad news first. Paypal has frozen our account once again.

They decided to do a chargeback on an item we bought and and recieved. Without our consent. So not only can we not ship, again, but our customers cannot pay for the items they bought from us.

We are still in dispute over the money that has still not been credited to the account. I hate Paypal. DH seriously lost his cool last night with them. He pretty much told them how sloppy they were. Their response was that everything is "automated". I guess all of those customers service reps you actually talk to are there to handle customer complaints such as ours. For more paypal horror stories check out this link. I have been doing my homework with these yahoos.

On happier notes -

After wrangling for a few weeks to get someone out here to fix the pump, only to not have them show up- I called Ken Messamore - owner and operator of Spa Tech pools. DH informed me he was the guy who put in our liner and sandfilter two years ago. Ken came right out the next morning and installed a new superpump that is so quiet, you have to check to see if it is turned on. So I will have a pool to swim in by Saturday. This morning I went to backwash and the water was so dirty in the filter, it was BROWN. EEEEewww! Spa Tech Pools in Birmingham are highly recommended!

Taking the boys to Peach Park in Clanton after I vaccum the pool. There has not been much fun time at all this summer with me working from home. Peach park has the best goodies!! Of course this will not help me when I go swimsuit shopping later......

Yesterday Elijah had his first big pool experience! We went to Grandma Offet's house two doors down to play with Zachary (Gack Gack) who was in the pool. So Elijah just plops right in. He had a blast!! He howled all the way home like a activated tornado siren. So when I changed him, his diaper was so full of water and his behind looked so big, I started chanting the Rap hit "Baby Got Back". He looked so funny with a big ole butt!

Speaking of which.. I think I hear a "tornado siren"............ Time to start the day!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Reflections Of The Past Week

It has been a few days since I last posted. Tony went out of town, and the crowd (us) went wild!!
It was a nice break.

Went to see former coworker friends. My friend Kathy is back in BHAM working, and is looking for a place to live. She currently lives in Anniston, and the drive is killing her.

It was really great to see Kathy, Charlotte and Robbi. But they warned me that when I get ready to go back to work, not to go back there. I wasn't planning on it. I was miserable before I left. The company had started going in a direction against my beliefs. Now, it has gone to pits.
When I go back to work, I plan on getting in with Children's Hospital in Birmingham. It is a goal I am confident I will achieve. I also plan on going to nursing school. I love helping people feel better, and I especially love children. It will be a move that will make my MIL proud, she has wanted for years for me to come and be a nurse with her!!

Discovered some prescription painkillers disappeared this week. I know who took them and he will be caught redhanded. I have a surefire plan that will work. I was taking those for a broken tailbone injury sustained when Elijah was born. The thief that took them has taken from me before. He will no longer welcome to my home after I put my plan into action. He had a drug problem about 15 years ago when we got out of school. The fact that he asked me what my herbal Horsetail supplement was for (pain) tells me he was in my meds. I might even plug up a hidden cam so I can capture the look on his face. I will be sad to lose the friendship I have had with this person who was my best friend since we were kids. But, friends do not steal from friends.

Shame Shame.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It is like Sam said last week, when it seemed the world had crashed around us.... "Mom, when I have a really, really BAD day, like you and me are having right now, the next day ALWAYS looks better. " That boy is my rock, and I took those words to heart, hoping this time it was true.

In his phrase, I will change "Day" to "week", because the next day was only worse, and then stayed on an even slow keel.

Yesterday looked even better. The sun started to come out from all of the storm clouds that had hovered over our home.

PayPal finally allowed access to our account. YES! Finally we are getting somewhere!! So when they reimburse us the money stolen, we will close the account.

Upward Trends?

Finally - some relief!!

I can ship again, and without having to take from VERY limited personal cash funds. Paypal account is still frozen. Solid. But the replacement card is here, and my ebay customers will be happy. I did send a email out, explaining what had happened and that shipping had been sidelined for a few days. When all is said and done, I will be closing our Paypal account and opening a merchant account with Visa/MC thru our bank Their response time is quicker for the customer (us) and they can go about their investigations without further disabling the customer (us). I know when our bank had a breach of security a few months ago, we knew nothing of it until we got a new card accompanying a letter explaining why and to destroy our old card. That is customer service there folks. To serve and protect the customer without further disabling them.

I do not ever want to go thru this again.

Amanda came over yesterday to work on the pool. I had warned her that DH had tried to take the motor apart and was unsuccessful. She too argued with that thing for over an hour trying to get the housing off the replace the part. I have to hand it to her, she lasted longer than Tony did, who about took a bat to it. She has repaired pool motors before as part of her job and admitted she has never had a problem getting inside one like this. So I have called in an onsite person who will hopefully be here this week, and we will go from there. After the motor is fixed, Amanda will be back to help finish the cleaning, which requires the motor..... Gonna do something real nice for her when all is said and done. Perhaps a gift cert for a local scuba dive shop?

Elijah has discovered the pool. He pointed to it yesterday and said "Baf?" (ie: Bath) Gotta get that door alarm on the sliding door that goes to the backyard. He can reach the lock on the handle now, and this alarm is a lock that goes up at the top of the door. If ANYONE tampers with the door without disarming the lock (this goes for Sam too!) it lets out a piercing alarm. Sam will not be able to reach the lock with out a chair. But we have had a longstanding rule since we moved into the house, and was a condition of buying the house.... Sam is not to go out into the back yard PERIOD without an adult. He is 12 now and an excellent swimmer, but the rule still stands. We won't allow anyone to drown in our pool. I will also be installing a pool alarm - it lets out a screeching alarm (like a car) when anything 15lbs or over falls into the pool. The whole neighborhood will hear it. Either way, the pool will be running by the weekend.... can Monday be the day we can swim in it?? Please???

Sam went to Six Flags yesterday. He had a ball! I have a pic of him, his dad and my former sister in law on Goliath. Sam was the only one hanging on tight! But at least he had his eyes open. He came home all sunburned tired but happy.
I am glad he finally got to go to his aunt's house in Atlanta. They had to get away from the tensions surrounding their parent's remarriage, that neither of them wanted to happen.
I say going to Six Flags was an excellent way to forget their stress for a while!

Tony is going back to Mobile again tommorrow. And he is leaving my car, that he usually takes because his truck is too small for him and his coworker. They are taking the Coworker's car this time.


Monday, June 05, 2006

PayPal Sucks

Just got off of the phone with PayPal for the 5th time. I cannot believe I am still trying to get our.... OUR money after early a week later after someone made an unauthorized charge of 1000 pounds ( nearly 2 thousand US dollars. )

The credit card company that we had to cancel didn't give us this much hassle. They canceled our card right away and re-issued another one.

Hubby called last night for the first time. Since the account actually is in his name (they apparently do not do joint accounts) HE is actually the one who is supposed to call, thanks to secretive bad apples in the world who created this whole privacy act thing, that even spouses cannot obtain info, only give info. In the old days, the husbands worked, the wives stayed home and cared for the kids, kept the house, did the shopping and paid all of the bills, which were usually, solely in the husband's name.

We have had to sign an affidavit and mail it off to them, and now they want a copy of our credit card statement?????!!!!!!!

So I called again to clarify that this was not a spoof email. It is totally unfair that they are still holding OUR money hostage when someone broke into THEIR system because THEY failed to keep it all secure.

When my sister had her wallet stolen years ago, she was up and running again in a few days.

Paypal says they want to be sure that it is really us whose account it belongs to. It does not help that hubby refuses to call and puts me in the middle. He is being as uncooperative in this as they are, and I am in the middle.

I do not mind helping. He is very busy at work and cannot always get away to call.
Paypal does not want to talk to me. I can just ask general questions, which I have been fortunate enough to be able to word in a way that pertains to our case.

Fox 6 on your side, ladies and gent, I may be calling you for help!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Another Saturday.....

Tony has gone off to yard sale again. He does it so much better than I . Last week he got me a sofa table for the foyer, only $15!! It looks really nice in there. I cannot believe he paid so little for it. Most of our home decor accessories come from yard sales or thrift stores. DH is so talented. He can take $50 and come back with everything you need for a new room!!

Step MIL is coming over later on. She sounds depressed. I hope she is ok! Working on a plan to cheer her up, she is one of my dearest girly friends!

Pool part finally came but Amanda has not called me back. Anyone out there good with motors feel free to volunteer. I have to get the pump running.

Paperwork in motion for getting our $$ back that was stolen early Tues morning. One snafu has come along, but hopefully DH can straighten this out. It hurts to think right now!

Sam's paternal grandparents, who had a nasty divorce a couple of years ago have decided to get remarried to each other. The grandmother (aka "crazy nut lady" ) tried to take the poor grandfather for everything he had which wasn't much..... poor man I do think he must be losing his mind!

Just talked to buddies Delvin and Kathy via AIM. I used to work with them at CompUSA a few years back, we went thru hell together, cried on each others shoulders and we all quit together when the crap finally hit the fan- and we still try to keep in touch. We are FAMILY!! Kathy is moving back to Bham, and I am going to try and find her someplace close to me so we can do "girl stuff" LOL!!
It is always great to hear from old friends!!

Found a SCORPION half alive in the dryer last night. With my Clothes. Already dried. Amazing it lived thru it. I hate bugs and anyone who knows me knows I TOTALLY FREAK when I see one. I managed to get the scorpion out without getting stung (used to cohabitating with them now) and showed it to DH. "My Thats a BIG ONE" he says. Like I caught a prize fish!