Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Working For The Weekend

"Everybody's working for the weekend
Everybody wants a little romance
Everybody's goin' off the deep end
Everybody needs a second chance,
ohYou want a piece of my heart
You better start from start
You wanna be in the show
Come on baby lets go"

Pool work is coming along nicely. It is no longer green. I worked on it all day yesterday. Sam stayed home from school, playing hooky. I never let him do that, but because we think he pulled a muscle in his side, and wanted to be sure that was all it was, I kept him home and he played with Elijah all day (12 hours!!) so I could work on the pool.
I still have frogs, but if they do not find a new "pond" to live in they will be dead soon. Sound harse? I gave up on the "save the frogs" missions a couple of years ago. They just hippity hop right back into the pool after I have placed them into the woods. The chemicals are strong and pretty much liquidfies them.
Amanda says it will be ready by Monday. Then, the party begins!! WOO HOO!!! :D

Ebay is getting to be really fun now!! I am actually making some money. If I keep at it, I won't have to go back to work next year. I really like being a stay at home mom!!

Hurricane season is predicted to be very active this year. This is NOT good news for family I have in Orange Beach and Mobile.

My blog friend, Kenny Evans has a new sight for us weather junkies and gulf coasters. You can see his hurricane sight here:

His other blog sight for everywhere else in the US is here:

Kenny absolutely amazes me. From Wichita, KS - now in Trussville, AL, he is a 15 year old high school student destined to be the next James Spann of ABC 33/40. From reading his blog, you wouldn't know his age, unless you read his about me profile. I can only hope that both Sam and Elijah have the same drive at 15 to achieve their goals and dreams that Kenny posesses. I know his parents must be extremely proud!!

Have tons of Ebay work to do - and a pool to vac. If you haven't looked at my stuff on ebay, go see - even if you aren't planning on buying. My seller id is Madhatter1972. I find it fun to watch family and friends auctions, just to see how they end!

More later.........


Southeast Weather... said...

Hey steph!

Thank you very much for the kind words . I really love weather and the next James Spann is almost here! Yes, my parents are very proud me for my exsesive noledge in weather espeshily severe weather plus they keep pushing me to be a on-cam met b/c they want me to be on tv. lol

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