Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Welcome to Teenager Hood

Sam has managed to make a bad decision. To start from the begining, last week due to time constraints that prevented him from making his lunch, I gave Sam $2 to buy his lunch at the school. That afternoon, he came home and gave me my $2 back. When I inquired as to why he was giving me my money back, and did he not eat, he tells me this story:

A kid named Jason came to him and told him his mother had written him this check in which to buy him a new workbook. But since school is letting out, they are no longer selling the workbooks. Jason didn't know what to do with the check so he told Sam to take it and put it in his lunch account. Sam, bored with having sandwiches everyday, took it and deposited it into his lunch account. I asked Sam that if I had been the one to give him a check for a workbook, and he couldn't buy one, what would he have done with the check? He told me he would have brought it back home with him. I let the principal know what was going on, I wanted the parents to have their money back. Sam was called into the office today, and the principal got like, 3 different stories.

So I will be checking him out of school today to find out what is going on, and why HE told Ms. Youngblood a different story. I get to meet with the principal tommorrow, and yes, I sent the parents their money today.

I cannot even begin to understand what happened. I am mortified Sam would do something so selfish, so stupid! Did he not know that he could have been accused of STEALING???? We will be getting to the bottom of this today and will be ready to face the principal in the morning.

Stay tuned........

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