Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Severe Weather Threat?

SPC placed us in a "Moderate Risk" for severe weather today.

According to 33/40, the NWS says they will be pushing the risk outlook area south. The radar is lit up like a Christmas tree from here back to Shreveport, LA.

We have already had one very heavy rain shower. Did I mention earlier I got soaked in it?? I shouldn't have worried about a shower, I could have saved money on my water bill by letting nature's pressure washer do its thing.....

I hope we won't see any tornadoes today. I do think we will see a large amount of rain and thunder.

For excellent weather coverage, if you are at work click here:


Gene said...

the weather probes a handy gadget for your desktop too steph

Mike said...

Hey, Stephanie...looks like we are all in the clear now if we could only control our middle school oldest son has become a handful...thanks for reminding me, through your blog, that I'm not alone!!

Stephanie's Place said...

Hi Gene-

Don't you just LOVE technonogy?? My desktop probes a awesome gadget for my weather hobby! One day I hope to get a laptop and all the other portable weather toys so that when the boys are older, I can get out in that nasty weather and play!!!

Stephanie's Place said...


I thought about you guys yesterday - glad to see you came through hunky dory!

I like your blog too!!