Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sam's Buddy Woes Part 2

Sam showed me a transcript of a conversation between his best buddy and his friend Aimee.

Yeouch. I guess Aimee was right. Sam is learning who his real friends are right now.

He has gained a lot of sympathy from the girls, who he shared the transcript with which contained notes where his so called best bud called him gay and a fag several times.

Wonder why he became so mean? Sam just wanted to be his friend. Just wanted to fit in, so he found other interests that mirrored his good buddy's. Until this year there really hasn't been any guys for him to hang out with in the neighborhood. Where we lived before, no one let their kids go out without a grown up. It was that kind of a neighborhood.

I blocked his emails from coming further. Normally, I wouldn't meddle, but that kind of abuse will not be tolerated. Instead, they are forwarded to me where they will be screened. So tired of the "tit for tat". I think it will be a long summer. Sam has no interest in continuing the friendship now.

Elijah escaped the playpen again while I was on the phone with PayPal (again!!) and under Sam's watch. He went all the way up two flights of stairs to his favorite room in the house.... Sam's bed room.
Sam's bedroom would fascinate anyone. There are clothes everywhere, soda cans, candy wrappers, and stuff he just won't put away.

Elijah locked himself in Sam's room, then went to work. We were terrified when we couldn't find him. I ran straight for the backyard where the pool is to make sure he hadn;t somehow gotten the back door open. We heard him crying, he couldnt get the door open in Sam's room to get out.

It is going to be at least 30 days before the investigation is completed for our accounts theft. I hope they prosecute to the fullest extent. I am still furious, I worked hard for that money.

It is like my friend Michael said this morning...... God has a special place for those kinds of people......... it is a place called Hell.


Southeast Weather... said...

"Elijah escaped the playpen again" Funny but yet not funny.

I hope you can get your money back!

Stephanie's Place said...

We will it just takes time, paperwork and all!

I cannot leave that child with out at least 2 pairs of eyes on him!!

Southeast Weather... said...
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Southeast Weather... said...

"I cannot leave that child with out at least 2 pairs of eyes on him!!"
I know how you feel...I have three cousins that are a BIG handful!

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