Sunday, May 28, 2006

Mission: Failed

Well, Monday comes in a few hours, and still no pool.

On Wed. night, we ran into a snafu. Amanda came over and heard a loud high pitch whine coming from my filter along with a rattling noise. I was inside, and of course did not hear the awful sound.

She ran itno the back yard, and shut off the pump. By then I had seen where she was hard at work, taking apart the motor that runs the pump.

Not a good sign. She discovered a piece of plastic had broken off inside and was beating against the rotor blade in the motor. Soooo, together we put the hateful thing back together, hoping this piece of plastic didn;t serve much of a purpose.

No such luck. It provided pressure to the blade, which provided pressure to the pump to pump more water faster.

So on Thursday, I set out to find a part. Clearwater Pools in Pelham had no idea what it was, nor did they offer to help me except to send me to Rec Pools and Spas down the road.

Little did they know that Rec Pools only deals with ABOVE ground pools around 20 thousand gal. Not 40 thousand Gal INGROUND deals.

The nice man who really seemed to want to help. sent me to Leslie's in Hoover.

I wearily walked in where a nice man named Richard greeted me at the door. He asked if he could help, and all I did was hold up the broken part. He not only knew what it was, but was able to order it for me. It will be here Tues.

Meanwhile, I am pouring chemicals down the pool, to keep it from turning green. It was almost there before this happened.

Oh and Sam got honored on Thursday at the Honors Ceremony in reading. I am a proud mama!

Elijah has learned how to tickle people and dogs and cats. He will go up to your bare feet, or the cat who he calls "Mow Mow", the dog he calls "Dog Dog" and do his fingers with a mischievious smirk and say "Pickle Pickle Pickle!"
He is so cute.

DH and I finally think we have this ebay thing figured out. We are doing pretty ok these past couple of weeks with it. He has bought me a ton of brand new costume jewelry to resell. I hope it works, or everyone is getting costume Jewelry and Boyd's Bears fro Christmas for years to come. Even the guys!!

Going to bed to snuggle my DH... who in one day consumed an ENTIRE box of Blue Bell popsicles.............. sure hope there is room in the bed for me!


Southeast Weather... said...

Glad to here that you got your pool problem figured out!
Congrats to Sam!

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