Monday, May 01, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

Very successful yard sale on Friday and Saturday!! I got rid of all of my stuff - mostly baby toys and clothes. Elijah now has a huge playroom, which is in the larger portion of our finished basement.

I am thrilled that room is finally de-cluttered of excess furniture, and he can run full speed, have an indoor campout with his tent and tunnel, his tv, and most of his toys.

The sectional sofa we got last year folds into a queen size bed, for company right in front of the fireplace!!

Did I mention that I am thrilled?? Ha!

Oh and DH went yard saleing on Saturday, spending some of my earnings from Friday. He got me an end table for the living room, that is too gorgeous!! It is made from cherry wood, and has a colorful mosiac look pattern on top. It was just what the room needed - and it only cost 5 bucks!! I am sooo lucky to have a hubby with an eye for interior design - and he didn't even go to school for that like I did!!

A wicker basket w/ a lid (free!!) and a trunk ($4 bucks) was also purchased for the room, to hide a few toys for Elijah upstairs. We hung a gorgeous wall mirror ($20 bucks!!) and vi'ola!! - the formal room no longer looks like a daycare center.

Sam came home last night from his dad's and wanted to know if "Trading Spaces" came - he was really surprised with the changes we made.

And I get to keep the $200 bucks I made tee hee hee!!!!

Thanks Michael - for helping to keep the "Rain Gods" at bay!!



michael said...

You are welcome Stephanie I'm glad you had good luck with your yard sale. But I did want to ask I wonder if we might could be friends again? I do enjoy talking with you I know Tony might think I'm a little wierd but I'm realy not. Oh and to let you know the carpet store I think will be shut down in December that means I will have to look for other work.

Stephanie's Place said...

Uh Oh!! I will email you about this one either tonight or tommorrow- it has been a very wild day!