Saturday, May 06, 2006

Little Bits and Pieces

** Spoke with our neighbors regarding what to do with old Betty Sue. They said telling her to mind her own business won't work. Just ignore her.

I bet she has never been told "Stephanie Style". Ha!

** Grandma Offett (the neighbor with the bush) is having loads of family over for the weekend. This might be interesting. She raised 9 kids (I think) and all of them are comng home. So are the grand and great grand kids. One of her kids will be parking their motorhome out in front of our house. I bet Betty Sue will LOVE that!!! :)

** DH is off yard saleing agian. Hope he doesn't bring home a lot of clutter. I just got the house the way I want it, and he is a clutter junkie like his mother.

** Hoping to hit the ice today, if neighbor Clint is home and DH will watch the little guy for me.

** Opening the pool this weekend, but it will be a couple of weeks before the water is ready to swim in.

** Woke up a 3:30 am this morning to the smell of CAT PEE on my pillow. Was I ever pissed - pun intended!

............which reminds me..... time to toss that 25 pound tailess bag of fat fur out!!

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