Saturday, May 06, 2006

Little Bits and Pieces Part II

** Did NOT get to hit the ice today, my skate buddy couldn't go.

** Rented "Scary Movie 2 &3" for Sam and Tyler who is spending the night. I am about half asleep now after watching #2

** Hung out with the neighbors (NOT Betty Sue- the cantankerous one)

(we have decided that since Grandma Offett's (the neighbor with the bush) son will be driving his motorhome and parking it in front of our house (with permission of course!!) my father will pop up his pop up camper and start a barbeque. I will be lending our motorhome guest a wading pool for entertainment. Betty Sue will love that!! HA!!)

** Does anyone have a latin CD (la la la la la la bamba!!) and a REALLY loud stereo I may borrow?? heh heh heh.....

** Did you know Bruno's does not carry Rice Milk?? It is the only milk Elijah can have other that hypoallergenic formula.

** 9 is the number of toenails Tyler has left. He vroke his big toe when he stubbed it, and as a result, had outpatient surgery to have it (the toenail) removed. Poor little buddy!

been up since 3 am thanks to a cat who peed on two of my pillows. I threw them away. Going to bed now.



Gene (Tylers dad) said...

well at least you didn't have to watch em take it off Steph...that was MY job

Stephanie's Place said...

You mean you watched??? WOW - that takes a lot of stomach!

I couldn't watch when Sam had his toe stitched up last summer. It hurt me too much, not to mention him!