Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It Could Happen To You

Today has been absolutely horrible.

I woke up, got ready to ship off some items that ebayers had won in my auctions. I did over $700 last week, and was pretty damn proud of it.

There was no money in my paypal account.

I looked to see if perhaps DH had transfered it out already. We do not keep cash in the account.

He didn't, but individuals named Steve and Veronica Lamb in the UK apparently not only helped themselves to my money, but also to a credit card belonging to DH.

I am missing over $2000.00. In US Dollars.

Reports have been filed, I think the card has been canceled (at least I instructed DH to call the financial company to report the card number stolen.)

Until the problem gets resolved, presumably after they finish their investigations, my account is frozen.

This means I cannot ship, refund, pass go and collect my $200. Instead I feel like I have gotten a "go to jail" card.

I have worked so hard for this. I am trying (and WAS succeeding at) to run a successful home business. I cannot work outside the home right now due to Elijah's severe food and enviromental allergies. Daycare for him right now, is NOT an option.

Why are there so many dishonest people in the world? I would love to hang the individuals by their ding dongs over a very pissed and hungry alligator pit. Maybe swing 'em a bit and hit them with a baseball bat just like they were a pinata full of Milky Way candy bars.......

To add to insult, my freaking pool part has not arrived. I have called twice. I am still pouring chemicals (also known as $$$$$$) down the drain to keep the pool from turning green.

Sam is equally agravated, he was told by a long time family friend's daughter that his (Sam's) best buddy has called him a "fag"
It is hard to tell what is true. I have known this little girl ( now a high schooler) since she was just hours old.

Of course my son didn't take this news lightly. He asked me what to do. I told him he could talk to the individual about what he was told, or he could avoid him altogether. I told him that a true friend will always stick up for you, and will never talk bad about you behind your back.

Heading for Brusters. Maybe a nice ice cream will soothe the blues.


Mike said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with your credit card / money being stolen. These things never seem so bad until the happen to yourself. I hope these people are caught, prosecuted, and that your money is restored asap!

Stephanie's Place said...

Thanks Mike - I still cannot believe this happened! I am working on a game plan to keep what I have started up and running - keep your fingers crossed :)

Southeast Weather... said...

I am as well sorry to hear about your loss steph :(

Anonymous said...

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