Wednesday, May 10, 2006

An Innocent Transaction

Just in from Thompson Middle School and speaking with Ms. Youngblood. I am soaked from the pouring rain. This only makes me angrier because if Sam hadn't made such a ding a lingy decision, I would not have had to do this this morning....

What happened was Jason gave Sam the check because he wanted to get into Sam's band locker.

Sam's band locker is huge, to accomodate his snare drum and bell kit, and it is the only large locker that is on the bottom.

Apparently Jason wanted to see what it was like to climb inside.....

I have a hard time believing that. I wonder why it was worth $15 to get inside someone's locker??? But that is their story and they are sticking to it.

No discipline action from the school, but Sam is grounded to his room, with no electronics of any sorts allowed until the end of the week.

I have to go easy because Sam was honest from the get go.

Fortunately the Johnson's were very nice about it.

Still shaking my head on that one. Hope this wakes Sam up......

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