Monday, May 22, 2006

Hot and Sunny Crazy Week!!

Tidbits of the weekend behind and the week ahead:

Another successful yard saling day! I swear DH has become addicted, and me too, tho I cannot go when Elijah is here, it is still fun anticipating what Tony will find in someone else's garage next!

Ebay seems to be picking up. I am having trouble finding things to put up though..... the goal is to list 5 things a day.

Amanda is coming over today to help me get the pool cover off, and start the treatment process.

I get to clean the algae covered pool cover this evening. Last year we tunred it into a giant "wet banana" ( remember those gen x'ers??!!) If we do it again this year, I promise to provide pictures - it is so funny - 'specially when Tony does it!!

We hope to have it ready to swim in by this weekend. It is, after all, Memorial Day weekend!!


Lebatron said...

Is Ebay that good? I never use it. I don't trust the internet with money.

Stephanie's Place said...

Ebay won't make you rich, but it is fun!

Southeast Weather... said...

Hey ya'll!
Ebay...don't use but I wish i did I have a lot of things that I can put up there!

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