Friday, May 19, 2006

Elijah the Monkey Man

Just a quick note this morning as I can no longer leave Elijah alone in his playpen. He has learned to climb out.

Yesterday afternoon, I left him for 5 minutes to go upstairs. When I came down to the middle level of the house, there he was in the foyer by the front door playing with the cordless telephone.

He uses his "monkey toes" to shimmy up the side of the playpen then gracefully topples out onto his head.

Doesn't hurt him a bit. Then he climbed up the basement stairs into the main level of the house.

Scary. Just wait till he climbs out of his crib!

Mother's Day out this summer cannot come soon enough!!

Sam has a band concert tonight. It is the last one of the year.

Will post pictures later on.


Southeast Weather... said...

Hey Steph!
How are you?

Yes I have 3 cousins that were really good at getting out of things. lol. The oldest is now 8 and the youngest if only 2. I live in Trussville, AL and they live in Kansas City, KS. I go up a lot and see them! They have a staircase that all three can get up and down and about 75% on one side is open, and the stairs go up really high! SCARY!

Stephanie's Place said...

Hey Kenny!!!

That does sound scary, at least both of my stairs have walls on each side!!

Still love your blog! You are gonna go far!

Southeast Weather... said...