Thursday, May 11, 2006

Coming Soon to Childersburg: Blue Roof Jeans and Things

A most interesting day today!! I helped my hopelessly unorganized father get his new store in Childersburg ready for it's grand opening - sometime...... He wants to open up this weekend, but he still has much to do and no time to do it all in. Why?? Because he is a procrastinator. He still has yet to open a business account. He has to get online with the credit card companies. And he has failed to obtain his State and Fed tax id. When I went into the building off of hwy 280, it looked like yesterdays storms had formed inside the building. I feared for what I had gotten myself into. But it is coming along. It looked really good when I left. I had to come home to get Sam off the bus. The building is really old and rustic looking. Dad is selling western style jeans and shirts. The merchandise fits the design of the building. I hope it does well. I would know, I get to do the bookeeping (scary thought!!)

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