Thursday, May 04, 2006

Cantankerous Neighbor

We have a neighbor who is getting crankier and crankier - by the day!!

She has lived here for all of my life- I know- and has always been a glass half empty kind of person.

Unfortunately, she lives right next door to me.

She likes to pick on people. A few weeks ago, it was my father.

My dad goes to auctions at storage units where people don't pay their rental fees. He then resells the items he wins in the units that were auctioned off.

He stored them in his carport, after he ran out of room in his house.

Now, we can see why anyone would complain. It looked like a scene out of the sitcom, "Sanford and Son".

She complained to the City of Alabaster.

The city then cited my father. He goes to court next week.

THEN, she complained to the neighbor on the other side of her. She wanted her to cut her bush down so she could see on to their property.

My neighbor told her no.

Next it was the people who live behind us. We have a very private back yard, thanks to the Cofers, who are our friends as well.

The woman called and harassed the poor Cofers, asking them to clean the trees and bushes off of their (the Cofer's) property so they "could see"

Mr.Cofer went off on my stubborn cuss of a neighbor. He also said that if she called their home again, he was "going to lose his religion"


This week it is we who are being picked on. I try to avoid this nut lady at all costs. She smokes too much and she smells bad too. Not to mention, she calls herself a Christian, but is a backstabber. She actually had the nerve to tell me she thought Tony had a girlfriend because he leaves for work so early in the morning.

Griping that we haven't gotten the flower bed built on the side of the driveway between us. Even though it is going to cost us some $2K, we had our lawn care guy take measurements this morning.

Witch. She thinks she is soooooo perfect. Well, she has weeds 12" or more tall in her front yard. Alabaster has a public nusiance ordinance about that. Our other neighbor (the one with the bushes) pointed this out to her.

In which she immediately changed the subject. Later, her husband (poor man!) was out weeding it all with his little weed eater.

We have a nice yard. We pay lots of $$ to keep it nice. We have a really good lawn care service.

I understand she is out of town for the weekend. She has been know to peep between the privacy fence we have dividing our property to see what we are doing in the backyard. Someone suggested we prance around naked when she returns.


Next week we believe the victim will be Amy, who owns a moving company. They on occasion have to bring the large moving van home when they are going across the country to move someone.

Stay tuned!!

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