Tuesday, May 16, 2006


What a busy few days this has been!! Dad's store is officially open, though he has only had one customer. A lady came in to his blue jean store wanting to know if he had a lay a way. Considering his jeans are priced between $4.99 and $9.99 - we are still shaking our heads on that one....

I got him set up with a couple of phone lines, his fed and state tax id's and a credit card company that also does check verification. I have also found a sign company which I hope he will decide to use.

I wonder when I will get paid.... HA!

Tony went yard saling on Saturday, and found me a decent comforter, some brand new hippie Rocket Dog shoes plus some stuff for me to Ebay. My ebay ID is Madhatter1972. Look us up!!

Sunday was Mother's Day. I hate little holidays like these. We spent the day listening to Sam whine about the hole in his shoes and the fact that he won't be getting a brand new pair till school starts. He specifically wants some high end skateboarding shoes and because he has gone thru 3 pairs this year tearing them up, he will only get them secondhand till school starts back.
Tony showered his mother with gifts and dinner to Ruby Tuesday then fussed at me for the $90 check -(I ordered a $8.99 turkey sandwich plate which I shared with Elijah and a $5.99 desert which I shared with EVERYONE) . I think he forgot that I was a mother too.......

I fell into a possible opportunity to possibly make some $$. My father bought out a gift store in Hoover, and has hundreds of Boyd's Bear products. I will be making him an offer soon to buy all of them. Please say your prayers, I really want these bears- and he could use the cash I am sure!!

Granny update - she is doing GREAT!! She comes off of her restrictions on the 25th. Being dx w/ colon cancer has changed her ways a lot. She is 81 years old and now walks every day the weather permits - along the beach, at the park, along the bay. She has been declared cancer free and feels so much better since the surgery!!

gotta scoot and get some ebay items up.

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