Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another Long Night

Elijah is cutting 2 new molars. He cried most of yesterday, and had a terrible tummy ache to go with it. I was up with him all night long. He is asleep for now.

I made my offer to my father yesterday for those Boyd's Bears. I don't think he will accept, depsite the fact that he has no place to sell them and no time to find a gift store willing to buy them for close to retail prices. It is his decision, but when he changes his mind, I won't accept. I intend to be working on a new project by then.

Sam has honors day on the last day of school for academic excellence. I am really proud of him!!
He also has a band concert on Friday Night. I have to find him some black dress pants and a red polo shirt....

My cranky neighbors have taken another neighbors comments about their weeds in the front yard to heart. They not only got rid of the weeds, but they have chopped down 4 shrubs in the front yard, making the porch area look naked. So far, no complaints from them about other neighbors. Perhaps they saw my blog????

Another neighbor has offered to help me get our pool (errrr frog pond) cleaned out! We will probably do this next Saturday when I can go and get some pool chemicals. We will make a cookout party out of it and it will be a lot of fun!! Still looking for a really loud stereo - will plan on blaring Jimmy Buffet's "Margaritaville" in the direction on the cranky neighbors.

Just kidding!! Don't want to go to jail for disturbing the peace - however I don't think anyone else would mind!! They'd probably want to join the fun!!

Gonna go finish the chores before Sir Teethes A Lot wakes up!!



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