Monday, April 17, 2006


What a busy day!!

Without the kids, I have cleaned the house, steam cleaned the carpet, shipped out 5 ebay items I sold last week, taken the animals to the vet, and done some laundry (including ironing)

Already pooped, still have the laundry room to clean, the cat box to clean, and the animals to pick up from the vet. Shelby is getting her rabies shot and a good doggie bath. Scrawny is getting his rabies shot and a new collar. He will now be a daytime outside cat. I will let him in at night and he can stay confined to the laundry room. I am tired of the cat pee all over the furniture. He is jealous of the baby, and that will never change. When he gets angry, he goes and pees on that persons side of the bed, or where they normally sit on the sofa. So if the dog across the street eats him like he ate our other cat Tigget, my feelings will not be hurt. If I could have it my way, he'd go to the pound.

Granny was given a clean bill of health. She is healing well, sounds good. I hope to go down this week, when Tony goes to Mobile again.

Sam is back home, he was going to the movies, but his friend, Cameron, fell and possibly broke his wrist while the boys went skateboarding.

More later, gotta get that laundry room done......

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