Monday, April 03, 2006

Visiting Granny Part Two - Saturday and Sunday

We didn't see granny as much on Saturday.

The day started where Elijah awoke at 6 am. I had gotten up to get him a breakfast smoothie bottle, and saw where my father had gone to a really cool yard sale the neighbors had next door.

I jerked Tony out of bed, and he was dressed before I was and out the door. He loves to yard sale, I think even more than me.

There we found a brand new umbrella stroller with a bag attachment, for $2. And a Christmas tree, a tall one that does not look like an ordinary Christmas tree, but rather like a Redwood, prelit with snow. It had make an offer on it. I fell in love with it and Tony liked it too. It was mine for $5.

Tony found a mirror for $20. It is really nice and big and is going to go over the sofa. They had some really good stuff.

We forgot the car was already packed. Dad will bring the mirror and the tree home later this week in his truck.

We returned home with our treasures and decided to leave the kids with my dad to go to the grocery store and stock Granny up with plenty of groceries so she would not have to worry about that when she came home.

Along the way we found 4 more yard sales - but there wasn't anything good.

We then trecked over to South Baldwin Co Regional Medical center.

Granny had just finished a walk and was wiped out. The nurse, who was on duty for the weekend, gave her not one, but TWO pain shots.

We knew it was time to go when Granny looked at us and said she was going to take the Doc to the cafeteria for lunch.

She slept all afternoon. And boy was she mad when she woke up!!

I went back that evening with my aunt, and left the boys at the house with Tony, where we had a good visit.

She had a rough night that night. Her stomach is still not working properly and she became very ill.

They put a tube down her nose to drain her stomach. She is only allowed to have ice chips and hard candy.

Hopefully her stomach will wake up and start working. Once she eats and goes to the bathroom, they can talk about her going home.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Tony and Sam were doing a terrible job of watching Elijah.

Elijah got into his bag of animal crackers. There had to of been some 50 crackers in it. He had one for each hand the entire time I was gone.

The bag was empty when I got back. I stupidly fed Elijah dinner (spaghetti and carrots) where he threw up orange gunk all over granny's white berber carpet.

He had eaten too many crackers.

Resolve didn't get the orange spot out which was the size of watermelon. So, Tony comes running with some other carpet cleaner he found in Granny's laundry room.

It turned the spot white.... whiter than the surrounding carpet. We mini panicked.

Fortunately by the time morning came it looked normal.

Sunday was a better day for Granny despite having a tube in her nose.

She was much more alert, walking wasn't as painful. She still wanted food. We visited for a while before we had to leave to come home.

I hated to leave her. Elijah has allergy testing this week, and has to come off of all of his allergy meds 5 days prior to the test.

My father and my aunt left a mess for me and Tony to clean up at the house. I was pretty ticked about that. They are grown adults, there is no excuse for leaving cornbread out on the counter to sit, along with dirty dishes, dogfood on the floor, and fur on the patio furniture.

My grandmother asked if the poopy in the yard got scooped. Dad told her no and blamed my aunt. (it IS her dog.)

A family friend is on her way down to be in my place at the hospital. A housekeeper is coming to clean on Wed. I cleaned a lot of it, (replaced sheets on the beds and wiped everything down) but she will want to know her bathrooms have been freshly scubbed and the floors freshly vacuumed.

And finally, on the way home, my car died. Thank goodness my in laws came and got us.

I am tired. Got to go pack for Elijah who is spending the night with Linda, my mother in law.

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Michael said...

Hey Stephanie glad to here your Grandmother is better. I bet Tony loves his new job I'm glad he got one with less stress have a great day.