Monday, April 03, 2006

Visiting Granny Part One

After getting down to Orange Beach on Thursday, we finally went to see Granny on Friday.

I walked into the room, where I find my Uncle Pete playing Be jeweled on his cell phone. Granny appeared to be asleep.

I nudged my uncle, and he spoke. Granny popped open an eye and smiled real big. " I finally made it" I said as she held her arms up for a hug.

She was hurting pretty bad that day- didn't remember she was supposed to get up and walk, so she could get her insides moving again.

The doctor told her to chew gum, and that would really help with getting the stomach in motion again. They removed nearly 12 inches of colon from her, just to be sure. Doc says he got all of the cancer.

She is on a liquid diet, via IV. She tells us she wants a steak and baked potato.

Our morning visit was short, she was still mighty drugged up on pains meds, and I had Thing One and Thing Two ( Sam and Elijah) with me at the hospital. Thing Two was in a foul mood.
Tony was at work in Mobile. When he came home to OB, he kept the kids while I visited again.

That time, we walked Granny down the hall for the first time. They gave her a pain shot prior to the short walk and by the time we got her back to bed, she was really hurting and very dizzy. They also brought her a breathy thingy to excersise her lungs for the prevention of Pnumonia. She is supposed to use it 10 times per day, sucking on the mouth piece as hard as she can.

Poor Lady. She was pooped by the time she finished all of that!

Elijah managed to break her pole lamp at her house. I was in the bathroom and Dad was supervising the kids when I heard the crash. The base that houses the lightbulb is now an odd oblong shape. and there is a red mark on the wall where it fell.

Had dinner at Gulf Bay seafood, a sister restraunt of King Neptune's on Canal Road. Tony and My favorite place there -
They have the BEST steamer, The Royal Reds were scrumptious.

More later

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