Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Huge, multi family yard sale this weekend on our street. Lots of baby clothes, toys, furniture and maternity wear at my house!

Sam and Tyler have made up. Seems Tylers grades in GRC have fallen to a "D" and that is what his parents were upset about. Tyler apologized, and Sam feels much better now. So do I, knowing now that he hasn't done anything to upset his parents, whom I really like. Cameron seems to have forgiven Tyler too, and it is nice to have all the boys back over again.

He is still talking of converting to Catholictism. Not getting support from his grandmother, but his father, step-father and I are backing his decision. We have both told him his decision is between Sam and God, not Sam and his grandmother nor her church. Tony has invited him to visit his mom's church in Montevallo. He is not interested, her church is too small he says, and he wants to be a part of a group who has lots of extracurricular youth activites.

I sprayed the daylights out of the house yesterday. Inside and out. This has prompted all kinds of critters to come out from nowhere. I found a slithery skink in the dining room, and a very big hard to kill millipede in Elijah's room.

Hired a new lawn care company to maintain our yard. He is our 3rd yard man this year. I had to sign a yearly contract with him, and he will keep our yard and flower beds looking nice all year round. I am really impressed with him, he is older, professional, and not like the college kids who do not pay attention to detail, and fail to appear when they say they will come. He is currently devising a plan to landscape the side of our driveway, which DH has been wanting to do since we moved here. I cannot wait to hear what he has in mind and I look forward to a long working relationship with him!

Elijah is definately all boy. He is an outdoors child. He tells me when he wants to go out, he points to the door and waves, and actually says "bye-bye". It is so cute! Polar opposite of Sam, he likes to play with rocks, sticks and mud. Doesn't cry when he falls and scrapes his knee.

Dad is opening a store. He is leasing my inlaws building in Childersburg. We have decided to call it Bluebarn Jeans and Things, it will have a lot of brand new western style jeans costing no more than $15 a pair. That and typical secondhand stuff, priced at thrift store rates.

Chores won't take care of themselves, got to get moving!



Michael said...

Hey Stephanie sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Well I'm glad that guy made up with Sam. It's hard not having any friends I know all about that. But now I have a lot of friends now ones that care about me. Now if Sam wants to get in a church that has a lot of things for youth to be in than he might want to try Kingwood. They have a TON of things for youth to be in. I wish you good luck with the yard sale this weekend hope you make a lot of money.

Stephanie's Place said...

Was wondering where you have been Michael. Glad to hear you are doing well! I think Sam is interested in Catholicism, he has been researching different religions and comparing them to the one he was forced to join by his paternal grandmother. The Orthodox church he is in seems to be very judgemental, and he is very unhappy there. Either way, we think it is great that he is becoming more involved!! Take care!!