Monday, April 24, 2006

Things that make you go "AHHHHHHH!!!!"

Houston, we have a problem.

In the last week, I have seen five, very large hairy spiders in my home. One was dead, in my dining room, and four were very, very much alive.

They have lots of eyes too.

One was the size of my palm. They are brown and have a light brown mark on the back. One was so big and blackish, and it had the fattest body I had ever seen, like a sydney funnel web.

It is the wolf spider. Minimally poisonous, painful bite. I did my research.

Yesterday, I found one in my bathtub. It was like a scene from Arachnophobia, girl gets ready to get in the shower, and the not so itsy bitsy spider is crawling up the water spout.

I can handle little house spiders. Just bop 'em with a shoe. However, I come unglued with big ones.

I screamed bloody murder. Couldn't help it. DH did not come to my rescue either. Says it kills the other bugs.

After I washed it down the drain, which was fun because it was furiously trying to attack me in the bathtub, I itched all day.

I had imaginary spiders biting me under my clothes, and jumped like someone had a hexed voo doo doll on me.

DH said I was a retard.

I will be spraying today, we do our own pest control, but since I will be the one doing it, I will be very thorough.

They say when you home is infested with spiders, to keep your bed covers four inches off the floor.

Who says they cannot climb on the bed posts??

DH refused to let me get a hotel room.

NOT lookin forward to getting in the dark, crawl space under the house and basement......

What if there is a giant egg sac, like in the Arachnaphobia move??

I guess I will call Terminix then. And maybe the police. Who cares what hubby says!!


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