Wednesday, April 05, 2006

She Has Been Sprung!

They have decided to let Granny go home.

Yesterday, she got coffee, first in a week - tea and chicken broth. They also gave her some Ensure, but she didn't like it much.

Dad has left to go back to OB. He is in charge of picking up the poopy that my aunt's dog made in the backyard, that she failed to remove responsibly. He has been warned to pick up after himself and not expect Jean to cook for him.

Housekeeper will be there as well. Jean is going to go and get her some Campbells Soup at hand and some Yoplait Smoothies drinks. She is still on a liquid diet for now.

She is pretty excited about coming home! My Aunt Ellen ( this is a clean and neat aunt ) will be going down on Sunday to help care for her. I know Granny will enjoy that!

Tony is going to be in Mobile (again) at some point, so I will probably go down with him.

Gotta go check on Elijah, he hasn't woke up yet.

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