Friday, April 07, 2006

Severe Weather Threat Today

I am slightly uncomfortable with the threat of severe weather we are due to have later on. Normally, it does not bother me, I look forward to it instead.

This is a very serious situation.

It is not often we go under a "high risk" cat. I think Shelby Co. is indeed out of that risk for now, but we are still under a moderate risk.

The skies are already a dark gray. There is a quiet, eerie feeling.

At Tony's new job at MSG, he works in a mobile home like office. Even he will be watching.

Of course I will probably blow his phone up too if it looks like he is in danger.

I do not know if they have a "shelter", I would hope so with all of the storage containers they have stacked up surrounding the office. I forgot to ask.


Depending on things, if they start dismissal of schools, I will go and check Sam out so none of us have to worry about being out in it.

More later as the day progresses.

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