Friday, April 21, 2006

Sam's Friendship Woes

Sam and his best buddy seem to be on the "outs".

He seems to think Tyler's parents feel he is a bad influence. I just don't see why they could think that. Sam is a good kid.

It started when Tyler callled Sam yesterday. Sam invited him over to play Halo on the Xbox. He overheard a conversation where Tyler asked permission to come over.

He heard a loud, mean "NO!!" from his dad. Tyler gets back on the phone and tells Sam: "Dude, my parents hate you." Sam, ever the optimistic child, says "No they don't". Tyler then says "haven't you noticed I haven't been allowed to come over there lately? My parent's think you are like Goth or something."
Sam, by this time, very hurt says. "well I guess we can't be friends anymore huh?" and hangs up the phone. Tyler calls back, but thanks to caller id, Sam and Cameron refuse to answer the phone.

It could be a social thing. His other buddy, Cameron is fed up with Tyler too - he says lately Tyler thinks "he's all that" .


I have tried to analyze why his parents would think that. Sam listens to some pretty strange music, but so does Tyler. We all go thru a phase like that, unless of course you are a religious zealot and have never heard of Pink Floyd, Loverboy, Queen and the likes from my generation.

And Sam is no where near "Goth". He owns one black tshirt that is too small for him and a pair of black jeans that are about to become cut off shorts.

I hate seeing his feelings hurt. He asked what he should do, and all I could tell him is to back off from Tyler a while, that maybe he will realize one day what a good buddy he was to him, and come around.

I had a friend once, who wanted to be the most popular girl in school. She became my friend, because my best girlfriend was one of the most popular girls. She tried to bad talk me behind my back - just to make herself look better. Unfortunately for her, her strategy didn't work, in fact, last I heard she was in an abusive marriage with 3 kids and no money. Funny how things work out.

You reap what you sow.

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