Monday, April 03, 2006

Lightning Strikes 2 trees in my dad's yard

We discovered it this afternoon, long after the loud crash of thunder awakened everyone.

Two trees were (lightly????) struck in my father's yard, who lives across the street. Sam of course came unglued and went into airplane crash mode in the upstairs hallway.

As a huge weather enthusiast, I found it VERY neat that not one, but TWO trees were hit just 20 feet away!!

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Michael said...

Hey Stephanie I bet the trees will be dead in a few months.

Stephanie's Place said...

He was gonna cut 'em down anyways.....

Mike said...

Good photos. That's not something you see all of the time, even though it probably happens a lot.

Stephanie's Place said...

Thanks Mike-

What was interesting to me was that the trees were not blown to bits.

When I was a child growing up, a tree that used to be near the two that were struck took a direct hit. It also blew two tires and fouled up all power in an upstairs bedroom at the house.