Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Latest on Granny and Other Stuff.

Yesterday was a great day for Granny!

She has a family friend of ours, Jean down there to help her remember things she is supposed to be doing to help her get out of the hospital.

She had two friends of hers to visit with her. She watched TV and got a big purple flower bouquet.

She sat up most of the day.

And.... she got some good news!!

If she continues to progress, (tummy is starting to work again!) she gets the tubes out this morning AND a light supper tonight, her first meal in a week.

Her Dr. is overjoyed!

So are we!

Bout to go pick up my car, and fork over more money than I think an air compressor should cost.

But for a car that has 105K miles on it, I cannot complain that was the only problem.

Fortunately Tony didn't keel over. 3 months ago, and he would have. He is much more relaxed in his new position.

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