Wednesday, April 26, 2006


DH has gone to Atlanta for a meeting today. He took my car, and will be home tommorrow.

When I took Elijah out to play this morning, I noticed that the rear tire on his truck was flat. He had run over a screw somewhere.

So I drove the truck to Dad's across the street so he could air it up for me, and was going to get it plugged when we noticed a little snafu.

There is a large and deep tear in the side of the tire, just asking to blow out if driven.

I am glad he took my car! I don't think he knew he had a bad tire.

I didn't have to go anywhere today, but was going to go visit my friends at Macy's, whom I miss terribly, and show off Elijah!

Guess I won't now. I already don't like to drive a two seater truck with Elijah in it anyway. I don't however, like being cooped up.



Michael said...

Hey Stephanie I know how you fill about the car my dad would take my mothers car a lot when he worked that left her to stay at home she could not stand that. Good thing Tony took your car since his truck had a bad tire on it. Well hope you have a good day and again good luck with the yard sale I will see if I can make the rain stay away HAHAHA.

Stephanie's Place said...

I'd rather he take my car than the one with the bad tire on it. Now I'd be upset if he had of left me with an empty gas tank...... Neighbor just brought me a set of keys for her car, so I am not completely trapped!! :)
Yard Sale starts at 7 AM on Fri till 1 then the same on Saturday. We have a good time when we hold a sale, I have my stuff priced to go - I really need to expand Elijah's playroom - I have a groovy looking chaise lounge, a brand new foosball table, TV and stand, brand new jewelry and all kinds of stuff. No idea what my neighbors are bringing. Stop by if you have time before you go to work!

Michael said...

Thanks Stephanie I will try my best to come by. It is so good you have good neighbors to be around to help out. Oh have you been down on Lucas Lane and seen how it's changed? I think some of the people that live over there might want to sail out and move b/c of the building that will be going on. The house that burned last December it looks like they might be going to rebuild some of the house or all of it.