Thursday, April 06, 2006

Elijah's Trip to the Allergist

Today we went back to Dr. Larussa's office at St. Vincent's Hospital.

He is an Asthma/Allergy specialist. We love his office.

When you arrive in the waiting room, his love for children is clearly evident.

There are educational, classic wooden toys everywhere. He has a giant airplane for the kids to play in, and table with a wooden train track and wooden trains, puzzles, cars and trucks to boot.

Elijah had a blast in there. It made the wait time go much smoother. Every exam room has a theme. Last visit we were in the "fish room". This time we were in the sports room, which is the coolest room we have been in so far.

There is a golf pad thingy, balls of all sizes, hockey, and a basketball goal. Elijah just loved it.

Dr. Larussa was pleased at how aggressively I have been with his many food allergies. He is allergic to Cow's milk (severe) Oats (Severe) Fish (Moderate) Shellfish (Moderate) anything in the berry family, and Soy (Mild)

Tony wanted to know what kind of milk could he have if he can't have cow and soy.

I was instructed to continue my aggressiveness with ensuring he does not eat something that has one or more of these things in it. I can come across as neurotic but I don't care, especially now.

I will be visiting Healthy Harveys today or tommorrow to see what he can have. We go back for yet MORE testing in September. He gave me refills on his Albuterol inhaler. He has been wheezing a lot.


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