Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Change of Plans

Due to the fact that Tony is tied up at his Bham branch and cannot make it to his Mobile branch, we will be staying home.

I was informed last night when he came home from work that I needed to find someone to take Granny to the dr. on Wednesday.

So our good friend and neighbor will be going in my place, again.

I am truly disappointed. Tony says next week. I think he is nervous about the idea of Elijah and I going alone. I'd have to stop a zillion times. He hates long car rides, and it is easier when there is someone else to keep him entertained.

So no one is going to be around for my yard sale. I simply cannot run it alone, and take care of Elijah too.

It is a holiday week, and might not be a bad idea to postpone it for another weekend.

Sam is going to start going to church with his friend Tyler. He hates the Greek Orthodox church his grandmother had him join (against my wishes!) at the young age of 6. He says no one there is normal. Tyler likes his church, with is a Catholic church down the road. Several of Sams friends are Catholic, and come from good, normal families. He says he will likely convert. I support and applaud his decisions.

Got to go give the key to my friend.

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