Wednesday, April 26, 2006


DH has gone to Atlanta for a meeting today. He took my car, and will be home tommorrow.

When I took Elijah out to play this morning, I noticed that the rear tire on his truck was flat. He had run over a screw somewhere.

So I drove the truck to Dad's across the street so he could air it up for me, and was going to get it plugged when we noticed a little snafu.

There is a large and deep tear in the side of the tire, just asking to blow out if driven.

I am glad he took my car! I don't think he knew he had a bad tire.

I didn't have to go anywhere today, but was going to go visit my friends at Macy's, whom I miss terribly, and show off Elijah!

Guess I won't now. I already don't like to drive a two seater truck with Elijah in it anyway. I don't however, like being cooped up.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Huge, multi family yard sale this weekend on our street. Lots of baby clothes, toys, furniture and maternity wear at my house!

Sam and Tyler have made up. Seems Tylers grades in GRC have fallen to a "D" and that is what his parents were upset about. Tyler apologized, and Sam feels much better now. So do I, knowing now that he hasn't done anything to upset his parents, whom I really like. Cameron seems to have forgiven Tyler too, and it is nice to have all the boys back over again.

He is still talking of converting to Catholictism. Not getting support from his grandmother, but his father, step-father and I are backing his decision. We have both told him his decision is between Sam and God, not Sam and his grandmother nor her church. Tony has invited him to visit his mom's church in Montevallo. He is not interested, her church is too small he says, and he wants to be a part of a group who has lots of extracurricular youth activites.

I sprayed the daylights out of the house yesterday. Inside and out. This has prompted all kinds of critters to come out from nowhere. I found a slithery skink in the dining room, and a very big hard to kill millipede in Elijah's room.

Hired a new lawn care company to maintain our yard. He is our 3rd yard man this year. I had to sign a yearly contract with him, and he will keep our yard and flower beds looking nice all year round. I am really impressed with him, he is older, professional, and not like the college kids who do not pay attention to detail, and fail to appear when they say they will come. He is currently devising a plan to landscape the side of our driveway, which DH has been wanting to do since we moved here. I cannot wait to hear what he has in mind and I look forward to a long working relationship with him!

Elijah is definately all boy. He is an outdoors child. He tells me when he wants to go out, he points to the door and waves, and actually says "bye-bye". It is so cute! Polar opposite of Sam, he likes to play with rocks, sticks and mud. Doesn't cry when he falls and scrapes his knee.

Dad is opening a store. He is leasing my inlaws building in Childersburg. We have decided to call it Bluebarn Jeans and Things, it will have a lot of brand new western style jeans costing no more than $15 a pair. That and typical secondhand stuff, priced at thrift store rates.

Chores won't take care of themselves, got to get moving!


Monday, April 24, 2006

Things that make you go "AHHHHHHH!!!!"

Houston, we have a problem.

In the last week, I have seen five, very large hairy spiders in my home. One was dead, in my dining room, and four were very, very much alive.

They have lots of eyes too.

One was the size of my palm. They are brown and have a light brown mark on the back. One was so big and blackish, and it had the fattest body I had ever seen, like a sydney funnel web.

It is the wolf spider. Minimally poisonous, painful bite. I did my research.

Yesterday, I found one in my bathtub. It was like a scene from Arachnophobia, girl gets ready to get in the shower, and the not so itsy bitsy spider is crawling up the water spout.

I can handle little house spiders. Just bop 'em with a shoe. However, I come unglued with big ones.

I screamed bloody murder. Couldn't help it. DH did not come to my rescue either. Says it kills the other bugs.

After I washed it down the drain, which was fun because it was furiously trying to attack me in the bathtub, I itched all day.

I had imaginary spiders biting me under my clothes, and jumped like someone had a hexed voo doo doll on me.

DH said I was a retard.

I will be spraying today, we do our own pest control, but since I will be the one doing it, I will be very thorough.

They say when you home is infested with spiders, to keep your bed covers four inches off the floor.

Who says they cannot climb on the bed posts??

DH refused to let me get a hotel room.

NOT lookin forward to getting in the dark, crawl space under the house and basement......

What if there is a giant egg sac, like in the Arachnaphobia move??

I guess I will call Terminix then. And maybe the police. Who cares what hubby says!!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Sam's Friendship Woes

Sam and his best buddy seem to be on the "outs".

He seems to think Tyler's parents feel he is a bad influence. I just don't see why they could think that. Sam is a good kid.

It started when Tyler callled Sam yesterday. Sam invited him over to play Halo on the Xbox. He overheard a conversation where Tyler asked permission to come over.

He heard a loud, mean "NO!!" from his dad. Tyler gets back on the phone and tells Sam: "Dude, my parents hate you." Sam, ever the optimistic child, says "No they don't". Tyler then says "haven't you noticed I haven't been allowed to come over there lately? My parent's think you are like Goth or something."
Sam, by this time, very hurt says. "well I guess we can't be friends anymore huh?" and hangs up the phone. Tyler calls back, but thanks to caller id, Sam and Cameron refuse to answer the phone.

It could be a social thing. His other buddy, Cameron is fed up with Tyler too - he says lately Tyler thinks "he's all that" .


I have tried to analyze why his parents would think that. Sam listens to some pretty strange music, but so does Tyler. We all go thru a phase like that, unless of course you are a religious zealot and have never heard of Pink Floyd, Loverboy, Queen and the likes from my generation.

And Sam is no where near "Goth". He owns one black tshirt that is too small for him and a pair of black jeans that are about to become cut off shorts.

I hate seeing his feelings hurt. He asked what he should do, and all I could tell him is to back off from Tyler a while, that maybe he will realize one day what a good buddy he was to him, and come around.

I had a friend once, who wanted to be the most popular girl in school. She became my friend, because my best girlfriend was one of the most popular girls. She tried to bad talk me behind my back - just to make herself look better. Unfortunately for her, her strategy didn't work, in fact, last I heard she was in an abusive marriage with 3 kids and no money. Funny how things work out.

You reap what you sow.

Monday, April 17, 2006


What a busy day!!

Without the kids, I have cleaned the house, steam cleaned the carpet, shipped out 5 ebay items I sold last week, taken the animals to the vet, and done some laundry (including ironing)

Already pooped, still have the laundry room to clean, the cat box to clean, and the animals to pick up from the vet. Shelby is getting her rabies shot and a good doggie bath. Scrawny is getting his rabies shot and a new collar. He will now be a daytime outside cat. I will let him in at night and he can stay confined to the laundry room. I am tired of the cat pee all over the furniture. He is jealous of the baby, and that will never change. When he gets angry, he goes and pees on that persons side of the bed, or where they normally sit on the sofa. So if the dog across the street eats him like he ate our other cat Tigget, my feelings will not be hurt. If I could have it my way, he'd go to the pound.

Granny was given a clean bill of health. She is healing well, sounds good. I hope to go down this week, when Tony goes to Mobile again.

Sam is back home, he was going to the movies, but his friend, Cameron, fell and possibly broke his wrist while the boys went skateboarding.

More later, gotta get that laundry room done......

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Elijah's Big Adventure Part 5

Elijah's First train ride. He liked it we think. Pictured are Grampa Offet,
Zachary, Elijah and Grandma Offett

Donkey and chicken

Zachary at the playground

Spider Monkeys in their den Posted by Picasa

Elijah's Big Adventure Part 4

A pretty Peacock shows his feathers.

A lion sunbathing.

A spider monkey. I think Elijah liked him best!

Stinky Wolves. They smelled like a skunk! Posted by Picasa

Elijah's Big Adventure Part 3

Flamingo a Friend!

This Giraffe eating lunch made us hungry too!

A VERY loud Macaw!

Grampa Offet, Zachary and Elijah look at the monkeys! Posted by Picasa

Elijah's Big Adventure Part 2

Goregeous eagle wih a view of the lake below him.

Elijah taking it all in.

Elijah straining to see the turtle in the water.

We stopped at the playground. We had a blast! Posted by Picasa

Elijah's Big Adventure

Africa at the Montgomery AL Zoo.
Beautiful Exhibit!!
Two REALLY OLD Box Turtles having a potential disagreement.
May I recommend Clinique Anti Wrinkle Cream??

Bambi. Montgomery Zoo in AL is MUCH better than the BHAM Zoo. I Highly Recommend! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Change of Plans

Due to the fact that Tony is tied up at his Bham branch and cannot make it to his Mobile branch, we will be staying home.

I was informed last night when he came home from work that I needed to find someone to take Granny to the dr. on Wednesday.

So our good friend and neighbor will be going in my place, again.

I am truly disappointed. Tony says next week. I think he is nervous about the idea of Elijah and I going alone. I'd have to stop a zillion times. He hates long car rides, and it is easier when there is someone else to keep him entertained.

So no one is going to be around for my yard sale. I simply cannot run it alone, and take care of Elijah too.

It is a holiday week, and might not be a bad idea to postpone it for another weekend.

Sam is going to start going to church with his friend Tyler. He hates the Greek Orthodox church his grandmother had him join (against my wishes!) at the young age of 6. He says no one there is normal. Tyler likes his church, with is a Catholic church down the road. Several of Sams friends are Catholic, and come from good, normal families. He says he will likely convert. I support and applaud his decisions.

Got to go give the key to my friend.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Busy Week Ahead

I have bitten off way more than I can chew.

Going back to OB on Tues. Granny has an appt. on Wed. to get her staples out. My messy aunt is going back again. She is more trouble than anyone, so so messy!

Funny how a slob can make time to make a mess, but suddenly doesn't feel like cleaning up after oneself.

I will be there to keep the messy aunt under control.

The neat and clean aunt leaves on Tues. Tony has to work in Mobile this week, so he will be there too.

It would be nice if we could just MOVE down there. I have a feeling we will be there a lot.

Yard Sale on Fri and Sat. That means I have today and tommorrow to get my stuff ready. And clothes washed, ironed and packed.

Had a great day with Tony yesterday. Sam went to his grandmother's house and I had forgotten Elijah had a party to go to. So we had all day to ourselves which is very rare!

We found a few yard sales to go to. I have new things on Ebay now.

Go to and look up by seller Madhatter1972. It is mostly shoes that belonged to Elijah and me, but we have a few things from sales on there too.

After the yard sales, we went to lunch at Papa Saia's in Alabaster. It is a sports bar and grill, they have the best wings! It was nice being able to go and eat without being rushed or having to keep the little monkey from climbing out of his chair.

Lots of labels to make - better scoot!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Warming Up

Don't let the weather fool you. It looks like a warm summer day out. Sun is out (NOT GOOD) we have some rapid daytime heating, and it is getting muggier out.

They have let the schools out early. Sam will be home soon.

I don't think he will mind.

We haven't been in this kind of a severe outlook since April 8 1998.

We are still in Mod zone, but I suspect that will change.

I finally got the weather radio Tony bought me for Christmas to work.

Seems nobody set it right.

A great site to get WX info.... even if you are in TN, MS and GA.

Severe Weather Threat Today

I am slightly uncomfortable with the threat of severe weather we are due to have later on. Normally, it does not bother me, I look forward to it instead.

This is a very serious situation.

It is not often we go under a "high risk" cat. I think Shelby Co. is indeed out of that risk for now, but we are still under a moderate risk.

The skies are already a dark gray. There is a quiet, eerie feeling.

At Tony's new job at MSG, he works in a mobile home like office. Even he will be watching.

Of course I will probably blow his phone up too if it looks like he is in danger.

I do not know if they have a "shelter", I would hope so with all of the storage containers they have stacked up surrounding the office. I forgot to ask.


Depending on things, if they start dismissal of schools, I will go and check Sam out so none of us have to worry about being out in it.

More later as the day progresses.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Elijah's Trip to the Allergist

Today we went back to Dr. Larussa's office at St. Vincent's Hospital.

He is an Asthma/Allergy specialist. We love his office.

When you arrive in the waiting room, his love for children is clearly evident.

There are educational, classic wooden toys everywhere. He has a giant airplane for the kids to play in, and table with a wooden train track and wooden trains, puzzles, cars and trucks to boot.

Elijah had a blast in there. It made the wait time go much smoother. Every exam room has a theme. Last visit we were in the "fish room". This time we were in the sports room, which is the coolest room we have been in so far.

There is a golf pad thingy, balls of all sizes, hockey, and a basketball goal. Elijah just loved it.

Dr. Larussa was pleased at how aggressively I have been with his many food allergies. He is allergic to Cow's milk (severe) Oats (Severe) Fish (Moderate) Shellfish (Moderate) anything in the berry family, and Soy (Mild)

Tony wanted to know what kind of milk could he have if he can't have cow and soy.

I was instructed to continue my aggressiveness with ensuring he does not eat something that has one or more of these things in it. I can come across as neurotic but I don't care, especially now.

I will be visiting Healthy Harveys today or tommorrow to see what he can have. We go back for yet MORE testing in September. He gave me refills on his Albuterol inhaler. He has been wheezing a lot.


Severe Weather for Alabama Tommorrow

SPC has place much of Alabama under high/moderate risk for tommorrow.

We are in the high risk zone.

Not cool, with all of the recent tornado outbreaks in MO, AK, TN.

I think we will plan to stay in tommorrow night. We usually do anyway, but I will make a simple dinner, that does not require much clean up. I plan to watch this thing, severe weather facsinates me.

Stay tuned on this subject, more coming......

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

She Has Been Sprung!

They have decided to let Granny go home.

Yesterday, she got coffee, first in a week - tea and chicken broth. They also gave her some Ensure, but she didn't like it much.

Dad has left to go back to OB. He is in charge of picking up the poopy that my aunt's dog made in the backyard, that she failed to remove responsibly. He has been warned to pick up after himself and not expect Jean to cook for him.

Housekeeper will be there as well. Jean is going to go and get her some Campbells Soup at hand and some Yoplait Smoothies drinks. She is still on a liquid diet for now.

She is pretty excited about coming home! My Aunt Ellen ( this is a clean and neat aunt ) will be going down on Sunday to help care for her. I know Granny will enjoy that!

Tony is going to be in Mobile (again) at some point, so I will probably go down with him.

Gotta go check on Elijah, he hasn't woke up yet.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Latest on Granny and Other Stuff.

Yesterday was a great day for Granny!

She has a family friend of ours, Jean down there to help her remember things she is supposed to be doing to help her get out of the hospital.

She had two friends of hers to visit with her. She watched TV and got a big purple flower bouquet.

She sat up most of the day.

And.... she got some good news!!

If she continues to progress, (tummy is starting to work again!) she gets the tubes out this morning AND a light supper tonight, her first meal in a week.

Her Dr. is overjoyed!

So are we!

Bout to go pick up my car, and fork over more money than I think an air compressor should cost.

But for a car that has 105K miles on it, I cannot complain that was the only problem.

Fortunately Tony didn't keel over. 3 months ago, and he would have. He is much more relaxed in his new position.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lightning Strikes 2 trees in my dad's yard

We discovered it this afternoon, long after the loud crash of thunder awakened everyone.

Two trees were (lightly????) struck in my father's yard, who lives across the street. Sam of course came unglued and went into airplane crash mode in the upstairs hallway.

As a huge weather enthusiast, I found it VERY neat that not one, but TWO trees were hit just 20 feet away!!

 Posted by Picasa

Granny Update

Our friend has made it into Foley, where Granny is in the hospital for colon cancer surgery.

She spoke with the doc, who says her stomach is softer, and that was very encouraging.

They should have her in Xray now, to see if she is healing properly.

I ordered her a big bouquet of purple flowers, maybe they will be in her room when she returns.

I get my car back tommorrow. Says the prob. was the air compressor. The air conditioner died three hours before the car did, but I had no idea that it could make a car not go......

Visiting Granny Part Two - Saturday and Sunday

We didn't see granny as much on Saturday.

The day started where Elijah awoke at 6 am. I had gotten up to get him a breakfast smoothie bottle, and saw where my father had gone to a really cool yard sale the neighbors had next door.

I jerked Tony out of bed, and he was dressed before I was and out the door. He loves to yard sale, I think even more than me.

There we found a brand new umbrella stroller with a bag attachment, for $2. And a Christmas tree, a tall one that does not look like an ordinary Christmas tree, but rather like a Redwood, prelit with snow. It had make an offer on it. I fell in love with it and Tony liked it too. It was mine for $5.

Tony found a mirror for $20. It is really nice and big and is going to go over the sofa. They had some really good stuff.

We forgot the car was already packed. Dad will bring the mirror and the tree home later this week in his truck.

We returned home with our treasures and decided to leave the kids with my dad to go to the grocery store and stock Granny up with plenty of groceries so she would not have to worry about that when she came home.

Along the way we found 4 more yard sales - but there wasn't anything good.

We then trecked over to South Baldwin Co Regional Medical center.

Granny had just finished a walk and was wiped out. The nurse, who was on duty for the weekend, gave her not one, but TWO pain shots.

We knew it was time to go when Granny looked at us and said she was going to take the Doc to the cafeteria for lunch.

She slept all afternoon. And boy was she mad when she woke up!!

I went back that evening with my aunt, and left the boys at the house with Tony, where we had a good visit.

She had a rough night that night. Her stomach is still not working properly and she became very ill.

They put a tube down her nose to drain her stomach. She is only allowed to have ice chips and hard candy.

Hopefully her stomach will wake up and start working. Once she eats and goes to the bathroom, they can talk about her going home.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Tony and Sam were doing a terrible job of watching Elijah.

Elijah got into his bag of animal crackers. There had to of been some 50 crackers in it. He had one for each hand the entire time I was gone.

The bag was empty when I got back. I stupidly fed Elijah dinner (spaghetti and carrots) where he threw up orange gunk all over granny's white berber carpet.

He had eaten too many crackers.

Resolve didn't get the orange spot out which was the size of watermelon. So, Tony comes running with some other carpet cleaner he found in Granny's laundry room.

It turned the spot white.... whiter than the surrounding carpet. We mini panicked.

Fortunately by the time morning came it looked normal.

Sunday was a better day for Granny despite having a tube in her nose.

She was much more alert, walking wasn't as painful. She still wanted food. We visited for a while before we had to leave to come home.

I hated to leave her. Elijah has allergy testing this week, and has to come off of all of his allergy meds 5 days prior to the test.

My father and my aunt left a mess for me and Tony to clean up at the house. I was pretty ticked about that. They are grown adults, there is no excuse for leaving cornbread out on the counter to sit, along with dirty dishes, dogfood on the floor, and fur on the patio furniture.

My grandmother asked if the poopy in the yard got scooped. Dad told her no and blamed my aunt. (it IS her dog.)

A family friend is on her way down to be in my place at the hospital. A housekeeper is coming to clean on Wed. I cleaned a lot of it, (replaced sheets on the beds and wiped everything down) but she will want to know her bathrooms have been freshly scubbed and the floors freshly vacuumed.

And finally, on the way home, my car died. Thank goodness my in laws came and got us.

I am tired. Got to go pack for Elijah who is spending the night with Linda, my mother in law.

Visiting Granny Part One

After getting down to Orange Beach on Thursday, we finally went to see Granny on Friday.

I walked into the room, where I find my Uncle Pete playing Be jeweled on his cell phone. Granny appeared to be asleep.

I nudged my uncle, and he spoke. Granny popped open an eye and smiled real big. " I finally made it" I said as she held her arms up for a hug.

She was hurting pretty bad that day- didn't remember she was supposed to get up and walk, so she could get her insides moving again.

The doctor told her to chew gum, and that would really help with getting the stomach in motion again. They removed nearly 12 inches of colon from her, just to be sure. Doc says he got all of the cancer.

She is on a liquid diet, via IV. She tells us she wants a steak and baked potato.

Our morning visit was short, she was still mighty drugged up on pains meds, and I had Thing One and Thing Two ( Sam and Elijah) with me at the hospital. Thing Two was in a foul mood.
Tony was at work in Mobile. When he came home to OB, he kept the kids while I visited again.

That time, we walked Granny down the hall for the first time. They gave her a pain shot prior to the short walk and by the time we got her back to bed, she was really hurting and very dizzy. They also brought her a breathy thingy to excersise her lungs for the prevention of Pnumonia. She is supposed to use it 10 times per day, sucking on the mouth piece as hard as she can.

Poor Lady. She was pooped by the time she finished all of that!

Elijah managed to break her pole lamp at her house. I was in the bathroom and Dad was supervising the kids when I heard the crash. The base that houses the lightbulb is now an odd oblong shape. and there is a red mark on the wall where it fell.

Had dinner at Gulf Bay seafood, a sister restraunt of King Neptune's on Canal Road. Tony and My favorite place there -
They have the BEST steamer, The Royal Reds were scrumptious.

More later