Monday, March 06, 2006

Wheezing and a Sneezing and a very Pink Eye

Gonna be an interesting week.

Sam's school nurse called, just when I was sitting down to do our taxes, myself, for the first time. Said his eye was hurting. Nothing to come running for, just wanted me to be aware.

He has come home with the Pink Eye. Eeech!!
No school tommorrow, just to the pharmacy for pink eye meds.

Meanwhile, the little man got a new Harley Wagon for his birthday. It was a throw out from Children's, and all it needed was a couple of screws replaced. It is an awesome wagon, and we were out in it today... A LOT.

Big Mistake.

He is now broke out in eczema from head to toe. Nose running like a water faucet, and wheezing something awful.

Poor little guy!

I have brought out the zyrtec and albuterol. Along with the Elidel, Locaid and some steroid I cannot pronounce much less spell.

Perhaps it will get better............

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