Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring Cleaning

It is Spring Break for Sam, and Spring Cleaning for me!

Since he is home, and the weather is not warm enough to go partying out..... I am taking full advantage today!

Closets and drawers will be blitzed, along with Sam's room. Yard sale 3 Saturdays from now.

Along with the spring cleaning, is a new beginning. Tony started his new job today! He seemed really excited to start. He left work last Friday, after working only 2 hours. Can't blame him there. This weekend was fun, he was back to his old self.

In fact, I think his new job is what inspired me to do spring cleaning.

No idea why.

Sam's room is horrific, the cat goes under the bed, and you cannot find him anywhere. I think he gets lost himself.

That will be solved today.

I ordered two saftey gates today, along with some child proof gadgets I had no idea they made.

Did you know you can get a lock for your VCR to keep little fingers and toys out of it?

Or a case to go over your power strip??

Can't wait till they get here.



Anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie I just found your blog. I hope Tony likes his new job good luck to him.

Stephanie's Place said...

Thanks - who ever you are ;)