Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quick Blurbs

This will be a busy week due to the fact that I will be going down to Orange Beach this week.

Tony and I will be going and taking the boys. I just can't leave Elijah for that long. And Tony doesn't have a clue what meds are for what and when so it is just safer I keep him with me.

My Aunt Reba Jo will be going herself. I personally cannot be around her for long periods of time. She smokes heavily, and is on O2 and can barely get around. I think she is in worse shape than Granny the cancer patient!! I have a real problem with smokers, those who pollute my clean air that I and my asthmatic children breathe.

So because of these factors, I have cut my trip short.

My father has a new girlfriend. I haven't met her, but those who have says she is cute. He probably met her over the net, he won't say where he met her. Her name is Naomi.

Our cat, Scrawny has taken to peeing on the beds. He has been quarantined for 3 days while I try to decide whether or not to put him down. He has bad serious behavioral issues before, and frankly I am past being done with him.

Sam helped with massive amount of laundry last night (due to cat pee). We put away clothes last night in no time while watching "friends" reruns. He is back in school, and of course, the weather warms up this week. Would have loved to have taken them to the zoo and to Tannehill State Park last week during Spring Break!!

Elijah is all about crackers. He says crackers all of the time. It is his first official word besides mamama and daddeeee. He knows how to identify and ask for crackers. It is soo cute!!

Going ice skating on Thursday before we leave to go out of town. Started a new workout routine in addition to skating, and I think it may be finally working!!!!! :)

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