Thursday, March 09, 2006

One Year Ago Today

It seems just like yesterday.

On March 9, 2005, I went to my job at Macy's, a short shift of 1pm to 5pm. I had shortened my hours due to being hugely pregnant with Elijah, and because he was resting on my sciatic nerve, I had severe back pain.

I was having irregular contractions all day, due to taking my sister's advice of walking the stairs. I help Charlotte clean the sterling silver bay, windexing the daylights out of it. I also predicted I would not be back at work the next day. I left around 4:30, because of fears of getting stuck in traffic while having contractions. Of course I didn't share this with anyone at work. I kinda kept it all to myself, in case I was wrong.

By the time I returned home, my contractions had subsided to zilch. Nada. I ate a brownie my neighbor made for dinner (yeh great diet) as I wasn't really hungry. I was too depressed that I was not in labor. I retired at about 9:30, and even Sam was down. He told Elijah thru my belly he needed to hurry up and come out and play.

He must have heard that order.

At approximately 11 pm that night, I woke up to go to the bathroom. I didn't realize at the time I was soaked, and that I hurt. I just knew I had to pee. When I got up water trickled everywhere. I was wide awake then and knew it was time to go. I tippy toed to the office, where I forgot we were in the process of moving it downstairs and there was not a cordless phone to be found. I had planned on having everything ready in the car, because I just knew Tony would freak. I wound up having to wake Sam because he had the cordless last. Tony heard the phone dialing and woke up. The good Doc said to come on in. Of course, if the car had wings we would have been airborne.

Five hours later, and a very easy delivery, on March 10th, at 4:54 am, Elijah Cole came into the world squalling his head off. He loved to be held, and became quite spoiled by it. Such a cutie.
Hard to believe he is a year old tommorrow.

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