Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A New Playmate

We were on our what has become a daily walk in our Harley Davidson Wagon, when we ran into a neighbor around the corner who has a grandson Elijah's age. We got to talking and Logan is only a few months older than Elijah is and I offered him a ride in the wagon. They had a ball! They are the same size, and were so adoreable together. We hope to get together often so the boys can play and we can have adult conversation while they play.

Sam went off skateboarding with Tyler, pink eye looks much better. Now I have it... grrrrr....
But we have the drops which for $53 we can all share.

I am starting an exercise program TOMMORROW. I haven't skated in two weeks, and I feel like a cow. Nothing fits right. Some serious water drinking, diruetic taking, sit-ups and weight training starts tommorrow. I have no idea when I will get back on the ice again.....

I also have another neighbors grandchild, Zachary for the next 3 days while mom goes to school and works, and grandma works the home and garden show. He is so imaginative, such a good four year old. We will have a great time!

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