Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mommy's Over-reaction

During a diaper change yesterday morning, I found that Elijah had a knot in his groin.

This was a new thing for me.

I freaked. But not at first.

I first went to the internet, where my over analytical self googled "lump in groin".

Never google a medical symptom, you will get all kinds of horror things.

This particular search told me that Elijah had cancer.

I called my good friend and neighbor, Jean, and she ran over. She had no idea what it was, so she told me to call his pediatrician.

Dr. P told us to come on in this morning. I had described it to his nurse yesterday, who apparently misunderstood it's location, and had Dr. P worried. He thought it was a hernia.

It is just swollen lymph nodes, probably from some sort of bacteria from a scratch he had.
Everything else checked out fine.

I got a lesson on how Lymph Nodes work, and when to be concerned. I could tell Dr. P was pretty relieved, Elijah has had so many problems in his first year.

That baby certainly keeps me on my toes, and because of him I learn something new everyday.

In Sammy news, we had a skateboard floated into the underground drainage pipes yesterday.

It got stuck under Ms. Debs driveway, and Tyler could not get it out. Boy was Sam mad at Tyler for getting it there. It was his good board, it cost a lot of money.
Since I grew up on this street, and ran into similar issues as a child, I referred Sam to the neighborhood professional stuck in drain toy getter outter........ my father.
He got a 2x4, and lifted the concrete cover next to the drive and propped it on to some concrete blocks. Tyler got it out, since he was the reason it was there in the first place.

It is only Wednesday...... 4 more days till school starts back.

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