Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Early Morning Thoughts.... Day 2 of Spring Break

After a very wet day yesterday, we have a majority of our spring cleaning blitz done.

I cleaned closets, reorganized drawers, and sorted thru clothes that no longer fit the boys to put in the yard sale I am having in a few weeks.

Half the basement is now full of stuff. This sale is going to be HUGE!

Tony already said I could hang on the money made from the sale, so I can go yard saleling.

Ebay is calling me back. It is time to go seaching for collectibles to sell.

Sam's room even got cleaned. Sort of...... Unfortunately, telling him he could keep the money he makes from selling his old outgrown toys didn't motivate him to add anything to the pile.

Elijah woke up at 5 again. Tony's work schedule has changed dramatically, he is getting up earlier and is out the door by 6:15. So Elijah is getting up too. I think I like this schedule. I get things done a lot earlier.

Supposed to be cold and dreary this week. Sam is down inthe dumps, his buddy is going to Six Flags for 4 days. I told Sam I would rather be home and dry, and not to fret. I was hoping to take the kids to the zoo, but it will be too chilly. Probably going ice skating tonight after Tony gets home from work.

Next week I go to Orange Beach to help my grandmother recoup from surgery to remove the cancer they found in her colon.


anonymous said...

Hey Stephanie I hope your Grandmother does well, I will pray for her.

Stephanie's Place said...

Thanks - she needs all the "Prayer Warriors" she can get! She just turned 81, and surgery isn't as easy for folks that age.